Sydney a beginner´s guide

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Kris Kristinsson

Sydney a beginner´s guide

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Special mentions

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Image - Penny's Cheese Shop
Penny's Cheese Shop
Kris:My favourite cheeseshop, full of native Aussie and European curd alike. Get there early and tuck into the best cheese toasty in town!
Image - Yulli’s Brews
Yulli’s Brews
Kris:A stone's throw away from Newtown (itself teeming with lovely bars and restaurants), you'll find this brewery and some of their tasty brew.
Image - Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains
Kris:A beautiful mountain range a couple of hours from central Sydney. Full of hiking routes for everyone and a view that can't be beat.
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Restaurants and bars

Image - Continental Deli Bar Bistro
Continental Deli Bar Bistro
Kris:Tucked away in a Newtown side street, you can find this little gem. Everything on the menu is for sharing; including a Rum Baba 2nd to none.
Image - Bennelong Restaurant and Bar
Bennelong Restaurant and Bar
Kris:One of my absolute favourite restaurants I've been to with a view that can't be matched. Possibly one of the best dessert menus in the world
Image - The Baxter Inn
The Baxter Inn
Kris:If you've got a hankering for a whisk(e)y, this speak-easy themed place has you covered with its multi-page menu of the amber liquid.
Image - The Wild Rover
The Wild Rover
Kris:A place for the whisky anorak. Join the club, get (and fill) the passport and you'll get access to their members-only cabinet.

Wanderguide map

  1. Penny's Cheese Shop
  2. Yulli’s Brews
  3. Blue Mountains
  4. Continental Deli Bar Bistro
  5. Bennelong Restaurant and Bar
  6. The Baxter Inn
  7. The Wild Rover

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