Trekking in Nepal

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Þórey Jóna Guðjónsdóttir

Trekking in Nepal

I spent 6 weeks in Nepal and did both the Annapurna circuit and the Everest base camp trek with a week between them. Here are my recommendations for restaurants, experiences and what trek to do🏔

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A small, peaceful town by a beautiful lake. Also the starting point of Annapurna Circuit/Basecamp treks. Has a lot of good restaurants and you can buy all the trekking gear there if you like. Recommend staying here for a few days even if you are not going trekking from here.

Image - Kiwi Backpackers Hostel Pokhara
Kiwi Backpackers Hostel Pokhara
Þórey:Great hostel to meet trekking partners! Breakfast is different every day and is delicious! You can keep your stuff there when you go trekking
Image - Hot Sandwich Corner and Cheese Shop
Hot Sandwich Corner and Cheese Shop
Þórey:Cheap and goooood 😋
Image - OR2K pokhara
OR2K pokhara
Þórey:Loved this place! Try the hummus 🤤When I was there they showed movies some nights where you could watch and get popcorn 🍿
Image - Movie Garden
Movie Garden
Þórey:Go here for movie nights and get some delicious pizza or a white russian with ice cream in it while you watch a good movie!
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Dusty and crowded and not much for the eye. Thamel is the part you want to stay in if you want to be near all the restaurants and shops. Small little streets with hundreds of shops selling trekking gear - be ready to bargain and compare prices!

Image - Western Tandoori & Naan House
Western Tandoori & Naan House
Þórey:So cheap & so good!! As local as it gets. You'll probably sit beside a complete stranger but it just makes the experience even better.
Image - Forest & Plate
Forest & Plate
Þórey:If you fancy a good, western salad I recommend this place! It is a little hard to find but it is so worth it 🥗
Image - Hot Breads - BakeHouse Thamel
Hot Breads - BakeHouse Thamel
Þórey:My favourite bakery in Thamel! They always have a huge discount of everything late in the evening before they close, really good idea to go and buy something to bring with you trekking 🥯 Try the banana cake - it is delicious 🤤
Image - Yangling Restaurant
Yangling Restaurant
Þórey:Good wifi and nice food!
Image - Fire and Ice Pizza
Fire and Ice Pizza
Þórey:If you are craving some western food after many days of trekking and Dal Bhat then this is your place!
Image - OR2K
Þórey:I tried this restaurant in Pokhara, it is really nice! Israeli food with some hummus and falafel to die for 😋
Image - Thamel Momo Hut
Thamel Momo Hut
Þórey:They have almost endless different kinds of Momos, go in a group and order a bunch of them to share!
Image - Alobar1000 Hostel
Alobar1000 Hostel
Þórey:Nice hostel to get to know people
Image - New Orleans Cafe
New Orleans Cafe
Þórey:Nice food and really good ice cream🍦Close to Forest & Plate restaurant so you can get a salad there and then go here for desert 😋
Image - QFX Chhaya Center
QFX Chhaya Center
Þórey:If you fancy a movie this is your place. They sell burgers, hot dogs, popcorn and cake to eat over the movie but no candy 🤨


Nepal is a paradise for the adventurous! Trekking is of course the main attraction and I recommend to do at least one trek when staying in Nepal! There are so many different treks ranging from day treks to the full 3 week treks! You can also go paragliding in Pokhara, see the Himalayas from a hot air balloon or go to a cooking class! Here are some of my favourite experiences.

Image - Annapurna Circuit Trek_539997
$ 2,988
Annapurna Circuit Trek
Þórey:Amazing route to trek,
Image - Nepal Yoga And Trekking Retreat For Women_452148
$ 440
Nepal Yoga And Trekking Retreat For Women
Þórey:Trekking and Yoga? Could not think of a better way to spend my time in Nepal!
Image - Paragliding In Nepal - 30 Mins_326727
$ 120
Paragliding In Nepal - 30 Mins
Þórey:My partner did this and loved it!
Image - Champagne Breakfast On Everest_452138
$ 1,800
Champagne Breakfast On Everest
Þórey:If you are very short on time and have enough money this seems to be a pretty cool experience!
Image - 3 Days Poonhill Trek_544492
$ 568
3 Days Poonhill Trek
Þórey:I did not go to Poonhill but some of my friends did and said it was amazing! If you don't have time to do the long treks, then this is a great one ⛰
Image - Kids Friendly Lower Annapurna Royal Trek_464373
$ 599
Kids Friendly Lower Annapurna Royal Trek
Þórey:If you have a family then this is a good trek
Image - Nepal Hot Ballooning_326927
$ 220
Nepal Hot Ballooning
Þórey:Seeing the Himalayas from an Air Balloon? That just sounds SO COOL😎
Image - Mardi Himal Trek_326673
$ 750
Mardi Himal Trek
Þórey:If you want to go on a trek that not many tourists do, then I recommend this one.
Image -  Private Kathmandu Valley Day Tour_326896
$ 60
Private Kathmandu Valley Day Tour
Þórey:Want to see all the places in Kathmandu in one day? This is the perfect experience for that!
Image - 1 Week Langtang Trekking In Nepal From Kathmandu_422618
$ 780
1 Week Langtang Trekking In Nepal From Kathmandu
Þórey:Langtang area is one of the most beautiful areas in Nepal. If you want to avoid the crowds then I definitely recommend trekking in this area

Annapurna or Everest Base Camp trek?

These treks are really different from each other and I think I could not choose between them if I needed to. Here are some of my thoughts on the difference between them 🏔 Annapurna circuit: Much cheaper than EBC, free shower in most of the teahouses and free wifi included in some places. Longer distance to walk each day on average but more flat than EBC. You go way slower up, I was 7 days to go up to 3500m height. There are roads almost all the way up which is a good thing and a bad thing. It's a good thing if you are short on time, then you can skip the first few days and buy a seat in a car that takes you further up the trail. It's a bad thing because it ruins the experience a little bit to have to watch out for cars if you are on the road and hear the sound of them when you are trekking in the forests. There is less people than on the EBC trek, much more of backpackers and easier to get to know people to trek with. There are a few hotsprings on the way that you can visit. Everest Base Camp trek (EBC): More expensive, no free showers or wifi. Much more people and a lot of big groups with porters and guides. Harder to get to know people. Shorter distance in every day but harder because it is a lot more up and down. Need to fly to Lukla which is expensive (possible to walk but I think that is extra week or something like that). No roads so the only vehicles you see are helicopters. You can take a side trek to Gokyo lakes on the way down which are extremely beautiful 🤩

Wanderguide map

  1. Kiwi Backpackers Hostel Pokhara
  2. Hot Sandwich Corner and Cheese Shop
  3. OR2K pokhara
  4. Movie Garden
  5. Western Tandoori & Naan House
  6. Forest & Plate
  7. Hot Breads - BakeHouse Thamel
  8. Yangling Restaurant
  9. Fire and Ice Pizza
  10. OR2K
  11. Thamel Momo Hut
  12. Alobar1000 Hostel
  13. New Orleans Cafe
  14. QFX Chhaya Center
  15. Annapurna Circuit Trek
  16. Annapurna Base Camp Trek
  17. Nepal Yoga And Trekking Retreat For Women
  18. Paragliding In Nepal - 30 Mins
  19. Champagne Breakfast On Everest
  20. 3 Days Poonhill Trek
  21. Kids Friendly Lower Annapurna Royal Trek
  22. Nepal Hot Ballooning
  23. Mardi Himal Trek
  24. Private Kathmandu Valley Day Tour
  25. Half Day Boudhanath Stupa Tour In Kathmandu
  26. 1 Week Langtang Trekking In Nepal From Kathmandu

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