IV región de Coquimbo

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Marioly Oyanadel

IV región de Coquimbo

Special Coquimbo city

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Guest House La Bahia at Coquimbo Chile.

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Image - Guest House La Bahia
Guest House La Bahia
Marioly Oyanadel:My place and my bussines. Daily rent near to the beach. Incluided breackfast, common áreas, tourist information and Spanish & English attention. It has private and shared rooms. In the rustik reception you will find different gifts and souvenirs that i am making with my hand.
Image - Mirador De La Herradura
Mirador De La Herradura
Marioly Oyanadel:Bahia with beautiful view, nice place to walk and enjoy. You can to drink a coffe enjoying this view. Place where you can to practique Kayak with Coquimbo Kayak.
Image - Puerto de Coquimbo
Puerto de Coquimbo
Marioly Oyanadel:Go there and walk around! Good place to take a boat or to bay seafood. Place where the cruises stop.
Image - Totoralillo
Marioly Oyanadel:Nice beach to relax or to make surf.
Image - Guanaqueros
Marioly Oyanadel:Good beach to know and enjoy. It has good and differents restorants to eat.
Image - Mirador Los Navegantes
Mirador Los Navegantes
Marioly Oyanadel:Place where you can to get a perfect view. Natural and verry relax. Perfect landscape.
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  1. Guest House La Bahia
  2. Mirador De La Herradura
  3. Puerto de Coquimbo
  4. Totoralillo
  5. Guanaqueros
  6. Mirador Los Navegantes

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