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Image - Hohentauern
Merta:One of our top picks in Hohentauern.These wooden houses are located in a nature reserve amid the Rottenmanner Tauern at 5 feet above sea level.
Image - Austria
Merta:Austria, officially the Republic of Austria, is a country in Central Europe comprising nine federated states. Its capital, largest city and one of nine states is Vienna. Austria has an area of 83,879 km², a population of nearly nine million people and a nominal GDP of $477
Image - What to Do in Innsbruck, Austria
What to Do in Innsbruck, Austria
Image - 13 Top Ski Resorts in Austria
13 Top Ski Resorts in Austria
Merta:Located in Maurach, 10 minutes walking distance from the Achen Lake, Arthur's Hotel am Achensee offers accommodation with free Wi-Fi, a bar and a restaurant with a large selection of pizza, pasta, fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. The location is amazing, the staff was so friendly - I feel terrible I've forgotten her name but the blonde, curly haired woman who was running everything was wonderful; she was so friendly and so professional. The hotel's restaurant is also great with the best pizza I've had in a long while!
Image - All the Ways to Enjoy the Winter in Austria
All the Ways to Enjoy the Winter in Austria
Image - Four Reasons to Visit Austria in the Summer
Four Reasons to Visit Austria in the Summer
Image - 15 Best Things to Do in Vienna (Austria)
15 Best Things to Do in Vienna (Austria)
Image - Theatermuseum
Merta:The Theatermuseum is a federal museum of national theatre history. Since 1991 it is situated in the Palais Lobkowitz in Vienna.
Image - Austria Trend Hotel Ananas
Austria Trend Hotel Ananas
Merta:This grand hotel is a minute's walk from a U-Bahn station, 1.8 km from Staatsoper opera house and 2.4 km from the baroque Hofburg Palace.
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  1. Hohentauern
  2. Austria
  3. The Topography Of Hell In The Collection Of The Academy Of Fine Arts
  4. Theatermuseum
  5. Austria Trend Hotel Ananas
  6. Gustav Klimt And "The Kiss": How It Became The Symbol Of The Viennese Art
  7. The Saviour, The Ruler, And Simply A Beauty: The Place Of Women In Art From Titian To Cagnacci
  8. Egon Schiele: All You Wanted To Know About Scandalous Art But Were Afraid To Ask

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