Making an Online Travel Guide has Never Been so Easy

Get your own customized travel guide to share your local travel tips, favorite neighborhood restaurants, popular tours and activities nearby and places of interest.


Online Travel Guides for People Helping Travelers

The Wanderguide is a simple and helpful tool for anyone to make a travel guide online. Share travel tips with visitors, guests, followers, friends or family. It's the smart choice for AirBnB hosts, influencers, hotel owners, and literally anyone who lovoes traveling.

All Your Travel Tips Organized in One Place


Easy to Customize

Upload your photo, choose a design and you’re on your way to a beautiful guide.


Custom URL to Share

Choose a custom website link for your travel guide like travelade.com/yourname


Activities, Places & restaurants

Add local tours and activities, restaurants and places of interest you recommend.


Print Your Guide with QR Codes

Help travelers by printing out your beautiful travel guide with QR codes to scan.

Why Should I Make an Online Travel Guide?

Travelers love to get travel tips from people with insider knowledge. Online travel guide is the best way to share your tips. It's a win win.

Save Time

Respond to all your requests for recommendations by simply sharing the link to your Wanderguide.

Happy Travelers

Your recommendations will help your guests, followers and fellow travelers discover local secrets. They will be forever thankful.

Free Tours

Whenever someone purchases an experience through your Wanderguide, you earn travel credits you can use to get free tours and activities on your own vacation.

Wanderguide is the Best Way to Make a Travel Guide


Add places, Restaurants and Tours

Add your favorite restaurants, bars, landmarks, experiences, and tours to your guide in one click.


Customize Your Guide

Easily customize your Wanderguide’s background photo and color, title and add a description.


Personal Notes and Commments

Notes can be added to each card to give your guide that extra personal touch.


Upload your own Photos

Have a better picture than the default one? Upload your own photo to any recommendation.


View your Guide on a Map

View your guide as a list of cards or on a map relative to the location of the viewer.


Organize your Guide into Collections

Create new collections. Select, drag and drop recommendations to order it your way.

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Travelade has been a huge success for me. Having one link to send to my guests which includes all my recommendations has saved me time and has made my guests very happy.



It's fantastic, now I can send all info to my guests with just one click and save tons of time. It's been super easy and they provide wonderful support.


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Share your local recommendations, save time and travel more

The Wanderguide is the perfect time saving tool for you to share your local insights while earning travel credits to fund your own travel adventures.

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