Breathtaking Nature around Sarajevo: Skakavac Waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is situated just a few miles from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Elma Murić
8. February 2018

Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is surrounded by  beautiful nature. Concerning the fact that the city is quite narrow, and not that large at all, many of these natural attractions are easy to reach, either on your own, or if you want be on the safe side - with one of the many organized tours for guests and locals.

Along with being located in the valley of four stunning Olympic mountains, Bjelašnica, Igman, Jahorina and Trebević, Sarajevo also offers a  few more natural wonders. 

One of these wonders is the Skakavac waterfall, located only 7,5 miles (12 kilometers) north of the city center. Skakavac, which translates from Bosnian  as grasshopper, is almost 100 meters high and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in this part of the Europe. The waterfall flow is not huge, but the height is, so this is probably how the Skakavac got its unique name! 


The forest around Skakavac is a home to the many different kinds of animals and plants, many of them endemic to this area. Anyhow, many people enjoy this hike even if hiking is not really their thing. It's not demanding or time consuming and it's really close to the city - so you won't be sorry for going on this one!

Up the hill above the village Nahorevo, just before entering the Skakavac nature park, there is a lovely mountain hut – "Promaja", which locals call simply ‘Kod Dragana’ (‘At Dragan’s, by the owner ‘s name), that serves fresh food and beverages. Once you’re there, you have to try uštipci (fried dough) with cream cheese and grah (thick bean soup) and have some mountain tea or home-made rakija (grappa). Prices of food and drinks are quite low, and you will probably need a bite or refreshment – so be sure not to miss "Promaja".

If you’re not confident to take this hike by yourself, an organized tour to Skakavac will cost you approximately 20–25 euros, depending on the travel agency and the duration of the tour. A private tour guide could cost more than this, but the good thing is that you can usually get some group discount if you’re traveling in a group.

Here are some of the tours to Skakavac waterfall offered by local agencies;

Skakavac Waterfall Adventure Tour with Sarajevo Bosnia tours agency is a whole day adventure with a licensed tour guide and modern vehicles which also includes visit to the nearby medieval Necropolis - graveyard with ancient tombstones. 

For another whole day trip to Skakavac, you can also check the tour offered by SarajevoExplore.

If you are short on time while visiting Sarajevo, there is also a shorter, 4-hour long tour to the same destination organized by Insider City Tours & Excursions.

You can visit Skakavac any time of the year, but considering harsh winters in Sarajevo, don't forget proper clothes and shoes for winter conditions. 

Although being beautiful in the summer, Skakavac and its surroundings are equally breathtaking in frosty winter atmosphere so if you're here during the cold months, you should definitely check Skakavac Waterfall Snowshoeing Hike.