Whistler: The resort that has it all

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Falko Poels

Whistler: The resort that has it all

Whistler is a ski town that has evolved in an year round resort for all ages. You are able to ski the biggest ski resort in north-america in winter, or explore the endless nature in summer while hiking or on a mountain bike.

My Recommendations

Image - Tommys Whistler
Tommys Whistler
Falko:One of the many underground clubs in the village. There best know night is on Tuesday, but that does not mean that all the other nights are less fun
Image - Lost Lake
Lost Lake
Falko:Beautiful lake, 25 minutes walking outside of the village. very popular place to spend the afternoon with a small park/grass field area right next to the lake. there are also platforms floating in the lake where you can swim to in the summer.
Image - Alta Lake
Alta Lake
Image - Green Lake
Green Lake
Falko:biggest & deepest lake in whistler. and the place to be to see seaplanes take off & land
Image - Nicklaus North Golf Course
Nicklaus North Golf Course
Falko:one of the 3 golf courses in whistler. This is a beautiful course located next to green lake.
Image - Rimrock Café
Rimrock Café
Image - Moguls Coffee House
Moguls Coffee House
Falko:Located on the Village Square, there is a local favourite coffee house. They open up at the break of dawn and is perfect for a fresh cup of coffee before you hit the slopes in the winter or go to the bike park in the summer
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