What To Do And Where To Eat In Bangkok
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What To Do And Where To Eat In Bangkok

Thailand’s capital has a lot to offer. In fact, Bangkok is one of the best places to eat the tastiest Thai food. From local restaurants to street vendors, the food comes in a variety of forms and styles. There are many local delicacies that will leave you drooling. Below, I've listed the best bites

Things to Do and Experience 📷

Here's a selections of awesome tours in Bangkok:

Image - Essential China Town Walks_223347
$ 31
Essential China Town Walks
Nanne:This tour takes you through the amazing China Town of Bangkok by a Tuktuk.
Image - Bangkok Colourful Night By Tuktuk_201477
$ 51
Bangkok Colourful Night By Tuktuk
Nanne:Experiencing Bangkok after darkness is best done by a Tuktuk. This tour takes you to awsome places, such as the Flower Market (Pak Khlong Talad) and a rooftop bar.
Image - Scenic Rice Paddies In The Garden Of Bangkok_223448
$ 76
Scenic Rice Paddies In The Garden Of Bangkok
Nanne:A great opportunity to visit rice paddies and observe farmers working on the fields.
Image - Private Tour : Best Of Bangkok'S Highlights_154071
$ 182
Private Tour: Best Of Bangkok's Highlights
Nanne:Spend the whole day sightseeing with a private guide, that takes you to the major highlights of Bangkok.
Image - Bangkok Bus Hopping_202350
$ 36
Bangkok Bus Hopping
Nanne:Don't worry, there will be a guide present on this authentic bus-hopping tour around the city.
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Street Food 🍢

Street food in Bangkok is something that is usual - and preferred by both locals and tourists. These are the best spots around town.

Image - Yaowarat Street Food
Yaowarat Street Food
Nanne:Bangkok has a Chinatown - known locally as Yaowarat, a great place for delicious mix of Thai and Chinese food served by street stalls and small restaurants.
Image - Saphan Taksin
Saphan Taksin
Nanne:Fancy a bite under the train station? This old part of Bangkok has food stalls that have been there for ages, known for their delicacies and cooking secrets.
Image - Victory Monument
Victory Monument
Nanne:A great area for street food located near many transportation lines. Get by and get fed!
Image - Ratchawat Market
Ratchawat Market
Nanne:Tucked in the green district of Dusit, this market is among the oldest - and the finest - serving roast duck, Kobe beef noodles and many other delicacies.

Hip Places 🍹

Hipsters, unite! These restaurants have the hip vibe and awesome decor.

Image - THE SIXTH 6th
Nanne:A lovely little place filled with excellent and truly authentic Thai food. Run by a young couple, this place has a very relaxed atmosphere.
Image - Seen Bangkok
Seen Bangkok
Nanne:Sundown drinks, mouth-watering cuisine and a great view of Chaophraya River. What more could you ask for, right?
Image - Supanniga Cruise : Chao Phraya River Cruise
Supanniga Cruise : Chao Phraya River Cruise
Nanne:Sunset cruises along the Chao Phraya river can get you with a tasty dinner, too. Start with a glass of champagne and continue with a six-course family feast of traditional Thai recipes.
Image - Namsaah Bottling Trust
Namsaah Bottling Trust
Nanne:Don’t let the hot pink facade of this gastro-bar fool you - it has many culinary delights that are waiting for your mouth.

Desserts 🍧

You won’t get the typical tiramisu, cheesecake or other recipes in Bangkok. Instead, you can get mouth-watering rice desserts, cookies and sweets praised in the Thai cuisine.

Image - Audrey Cafe' des Fleurs
Audrey Cafe' des Fleurs
Nanne:Equipped with a French vibe and lots of flowers, this place has an inviting interior and great orange-flavored cake with green tea filling and many other sweet recipes.
Image - Kyo Roll En
Kyo Roll En
Nanne:With many outlets across the city, these food stops create the Zen experience from their interior down to your tongue and finally, in your stomach.
Image - CODE Cafe of Desserts Central World
CODE Cafe of Desserts Central World
Nanne:CODE is a community of like-minded dessert enthusiasts! Their specialty are the Thai Tea Lava Toasts filled with Thai tea (Cha Yen).
Image - BRIX Dessert Bar Siam Paragon
BRIX Dessert Bar Siam Paragon
Nanne:This is a hip dessert place with a relaxing vibe, great coffees and amazing honey-banana-crumble-vanilla ice creams (approved!).