Wellington For Foodies

Wanderguide by

Jessica Morton

Wellington For Foodies

Wellington is a foodie’s paradise. Modern New Zealand cuisine is a fun and colorful medley of different cultures. Kiwi food is now is as diverse as the country’s many dramatic landscapes. Here are my favorite spots to visit around Wellington. I hope you enjoy!

Locally Owned Eateries that you MUST visit!

Supporting local eateries means taking part in local culture - here are a few of my favorite spots to visit when I am in town.

Image - Bettys
Jessica:A great spot with interesting decor and friendly staff!
Image - Crumpet
Jessica:A cocktail bar with a relaxed vibe and distinctive approach.
Image - Ti Kouka Cafe
Ti Kouka Cafe
Jessica:A great spot to go out for breakfast.
Image - Maranui Surf Life Saving Club
Maranui Surf Life Saving Club
Jessica:A great spot with wonderful views. A bit of a local hot-spot so can be busy.
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Craft Breweries in Wellington

Drinking beer is important for Kiwis - find out why!

Image - Black Dog Brewery Co
Black Dog Brewery Co
Jessica:Fun place, very friendly and welcoming.Good vibes and great beer.
Image - Tuatara Brewery
Tuatara Brewery
Jessica:The Third Eye - try the Boysenberry Cider! Great food and a cool vibe.
Image - Wellington Craft Brewery Half Day Tour_154006
$ 80
Wellington Craft Brewery Half Day Tour
Jessica:Visit four of the best craft breweries with tastings at each location. Tour includes an in depth brewery tour led by brewery staff.
Image - Baylands Brewery & Brewing Supplies
Baylands Brewery & Brewing Supplies
Jessica:Great relaxed brewery - staff are very informative and friendly.


Because the Kiwis make a darn good vintage!

Image - Glengarry Wines - Kelburn
Glengarry Wines - Kelburn
Jessica:Interesting concept winery right in Wellington.
Image - Martinborough Wine And Wild Coast Tour From Wellington_154002
$ 198
Martinborough Wine And Wild Coast Tour From Wellington
Jessica:You'll visit Martinborough wineries for cellar tours and tastings, pause for lunch in a vineyard restaurant, then eat dinner at the edge of Lake Onoke after a short shoreline hike. Awesome way to spend the day!

My Recommendations

The food culture of Wellington—with its world class wines, craft beers and exceptional coffee, is both new-worldly and globally attuned. As a bona-fide kiwi, I hope you enjoy my top tips for an awesome foodie trip in Wellington.