The new way for hotels to share local tips with guests

Create a beautiful online travel guide to share local insights with your guests and earn commission


A simple solution to improve your guests’ experience

Wanderguides are incredibly easy to create


Create and customize your guide


Pick your local insights


Share your travel guide


See your progress in the dashboard

Let the Wanderguide do the work for you

Provide your guests with the personal service that they cherish in a time-saving way.

Save Time

Creating a Wanderguide is simple, fun and easy to do. Then you can give each one of your guests a personalized experience by simply sharing the link to your Wanderguide.

Your guests will love it

Guests can access all your recommendations, anytime, anywhere by simply tapping your link ensuring they have the best time possible during their stay in your guesthouse.

You get commission

Earn 7% commission every time one of your guests books a tour or experience through your guide. You can view your sales and progress on your simple dashboard.

Wanderguides are incredibly easy to create

Add experiencesAdd experiences

Add the restaurants you so often suggest

Or cafes, or bars, or book shops...the list is endless.

Change styleChange style

Brand it according to your hotel

Customize your Wanderguide’s background photo and color. You can even add your logo.

Add insightsAdd insights

Share your local insider knowledge

Notes can be added to each card to give your guide that extra personal touch.

Add imagesAdd images

Upload your own pictures

Have a better picture then what pops up in Google? You can add your own photo to the card.


Map view and list view for your guests

All your recommendations can be viewed as a list of cards, or as points plotted on the map.

Add collectionAdd collections

Control how you want it organized

Divide your recommendations into whatever collections you like. Select, drag and drop to order it any which way.

Let the Wanderguide do the work for you

Provide your guests with the personal service that they cherish in a time-saving way.


Travelade has been a huge success for me. Having one link to send to my guests which includes all my recommendations has saved me time and has made my guests very happy.



It's fantastic, now I can send all info to my guests with just one click and save tons of time. It's been super easy and they provide wonderful support.


Happy Guy

Share your local recommendations, save time and earn more

Wanderguide is the perfect time saving tool for you to share your local insights with guests while earning extra income.

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