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Are you looking for less crowded spots, hidden views and experience that are not included in your usual travelguide? YOU opened the right page, here is the best information all in one place. We guarantee you, that you will not be dissapointed. Check the hidden places I recommend!

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Common Places

Here are the most common places tourists want to visit in Bled. You can take "Pletna" boat or small rowing boat and visit the island with or check the majestic Bled Castle. You will also want to try Kremšnita cake and see the most visited viewpoint Ojstrica, and maybe also Straža and Osojnica. If you feel adventourous and want to explore more, check the hidden spots section as well.

Image - Best Of Lake Bled - All Must See Bled Attractions With Free Time For Swimming Or Walking Around_260853
$ 95
Best Of Lake Bled - All Must See Bled Attractions With Free Time For Swimming Or Walking Around
Niki:This is a great all-famous-spots-in-one tour, which you may want to take if you wish to see all the famous spots in one day - especially if your starting point is in Ljubljana. Tickets and travel included in price!
Image - Bled Island
Bled Island
Niki:Climb 99 stairs and will be on top of the only Slovanian island, but even though it is the only one, it is also a very special one. Ring the bell in the church and make a wish! (Tickets for the pletna boat adults 15€, children 8€ and church and tower entrance adults 6€, students 4€, children 1€)
Image - Ojstrica
Niki:This is probably one of the best views at the lake Bled, however unfortunately also pretty crowdy one. Hint: for the best pictures, try to catch the sunrise! (No entrance)
Image - Soteska Vintgar
Soteska Vintgar
Niki:Nature lovers, you will LOVE this gorge. The river "Radovna" flew between two hills for millions of years, and now here it - GORGEous. You will also find a nice waterfall "Šum" and a beautiful old train bridge. (Entrance: adults 10€, students 6€, children 1-3€)
Image - Bled Castle
Bled Castle
Niki:This is a traditional spot with great history and great view and a small museum inside. It is standing on a 130m high cliff and it is supposed to be the oldest castle in Slovenia. (Entrance: adults 11€, students 7€, children 5€)
Niki:If you go to Straža hill (you can use the lift) and continiue walking through the forest on the top of the hill, you will find another nice (an unusual) view to the Bled lake. You can take another path down later, towards Mlino. It is a bit steeper, but worth it as it is a very nice hidden walking path.
Image - Mala Osojnica
Mala Osojnica
Niki:This is another common viewpoint, it requires some hiking, but the view is stunning. You can continue the hike later on towards Velika Osojnica. (No entrance)
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Hidden Spots

Here are some less "usual" experience you will remember!

Image - Babji zob, Jelovica
Babji zob, Jelovica
Niki:This is less known viewing point, it requires some hiking, but overall very much worth it, with the stunning view at surrounding mountains, Bohinj valley and of course Bled lake. There is also a cave under Babji zob, for all the underground fans.
Image - Hotunjski vrh
Hotunjski vrh
Niki:Do you have a couple spare hours - visit Hotunjski vrh. It is a relaxing hike in the nature, with a very rewarding view at the end. There are not many people visiting this place, so it is great for all the of you who want to be alone sometimes.
Image - Seven lakes valley
Seven lakes valley
Niki:If you are hiking type and have a spare day or so, do not miss the Seven lakes valley or so called "Sedmera jezera" close to our higest mountain Triglav. This experience requires some hiking skills and basic hiking equipment!
Image - Pokljuka Gorge
Pokljuka Gorge
Niki:Another one for the nature lovers is "Pokljuška soteska". It is another gorge, with natural stone bridge, nice galleries, caves and overall very nice nature. Defenetly worth visiting, a short trip from Bled. (Free entrance)

Food and drinks

Tips for the hungry and thirsty travelers.

Image - Grajska plaža Restaurant
Grajska plaža Restaurant
Niki:Nice view, good food and drinks.
Image - Kult Club
Kult Club
Niki:Nice bar, good beer, sometimes music concerts.
Image - Pizzerija Betlehem
Pizzerija Betlehem
Niki:Not exactly in Bled, but closeby - Gorje.
Image - Rock bar Bled
Rock bar Bled
Niki:Rock music, good drinks!
Image - Confectionery Zima
Confectionery Zima
Niki:Here you can order a typical "Kremšnita" cake. And other sweets as well.
Image - Gostilna Pri Planincu
Gostilna Pri Planincu
Niki:Good food, also some local dishes you can try.
Image - Carniola Brewery, Rok Rutar s.p.
Carniola Brewery, Rok Rutar s.p.
Niki:Good local craft beer - from Žirovnica.

Wanderguide map

  1. Best Of Lake Bled - All Must See Bled Attractions With Free Time For Swimming Or Walking Around
  2. Bled Island
  3. Ojstrica
  4. Soteska Vintgar
  5. Bled Castle
  7. Mala Osojnica
  8. Babji zob, Jelovica
  9. Hotunjski vrh
  10. Seven lakes valley
  11. Pokljuka Gorge
  12. Grajska plaža Restaurant
  13. Kult Club
  14. Pizzerija Betlehem
  15. Rock bar Bled
  16. Confectionery Zima
  17. Gostilna Pri Planincu
  18. Carniola Brewery, Rok Rutar s.p.

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