Things to do in Morocco

Wanderguide by

Hörður Ragnarsson

Manual to Morocco

Looking for things to do in Morocco? It is a fantastic place to visit and widen your horizon. It can be a bit of a cultural shock hitting the streets of Morocco but I hope with this Wanderguide to give you a little bit of know-how and local insight.

Staying in Marrakesh?

If you are staying in Marrakech then here are a few handy tips.

Image - Hostel Riad Rainbow Marrakech
Hostel Riad Rainbow Marrakech
Hörður:I stayed at this hostel in Marrakech. Friendly staff and clean rooms. If you want privacy and a bit more luxury though - look somewhere else
Image - Le grand balcon du café glacier
Le grand balcon du café glacier
Hörður:This place is not much for food, rather drinks and the view over.
Image - Zeitoun Café
Zeitoun Café
Hörður:This restaurant has plenty of good food and is close to the buzzling square.
Image - Chez Brahim
Chez Brahim
Hörður:Good restaurant with great pizza, just a tiny bit of the square to get a little peace and quiet.
Image - Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut
Hörður:If you don't develope an instant appreciation for Moroccan food, then the American food chains are close if you need to escape.
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Sights in Morocco

Image - Erg Chebbi
Erg Chebbi
Hörður:Sand dunes close to Merzouga. Want to go boarding down the sands? I hear it is bonkers.
Image - Dadès Gorges
Dadès Gorges
Hörður:If you are a cyclist like me, this photo of the hairpins in Dades Gorges probably looks pornographic to you. Go there, with a bike!
Image - Aït Benhaddou
Aït Benhaddou
Hörður:A town built out of clay. Filming location for a number of movies.
Image - Casablanca
Hörður:I city worth visiting.

Tours and experiences to consider

Image - 3 day trip to the desert in Morocco
$ 434
3 Days Premium Desert Trip To Merzouga From Marrakech
Hörður:This is a tour I've actually been on. It is an amazing adventure and I can totally recommend it!
Image - Private Day Trip To Imlil And High Atlas From Marrakech_205863
$ 40
Imlil And High Atlas From Marrakech - Private Day Trip
Hörður:Looking for something short, this is a place you have to go to.
Image - Mt Toubkal - 2 day trek_211387
$ 161
Mt Toubkal - 2 day trek
Hörður:If you are into hiking, the view from the top of Mt Toubkal is amazing!
Image - Marrakech - Full Day_67732
$ 76
Marrakech - Day tour
Hörður:There is plenty to see in Marrakech, and to avoid the hagglers I recommend getting a local tour guide.