The Netherlands - off the beaten track

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Jennifer Dhaenens

The Netherlands - off the beaten track

The Netherlands has a lot to offer to tourists. The most known places are offcourse Amsterdam and Rotterdam. But there is a lot more to discover in the country. I made a collection with cities and things to do in the area around it.

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City Maastricht

Beautifull city full of historical sights next to the river and the three borders point.

Image - Maastricht
Image - Vaals, Drielandenpunt
Vaals, Drielandenpunt
Jennifer:Three borders crossing point with a nice view and there is also a labyrinth.
Image - Sint Servaasbrug
Sint Servaasbrug
Jennifer:Historical sight.
Image - Bisschopsmolen
Jennifer:The oldest still working watermill in the Netherlands.
Image - Mount Saint Peter
Mount Saint Peter
Jennifer:You can find caves and an old historical fort that protected the city a few hunderd years ago.
Image - Valkenburg
Jennifer:Beautifull historical village that is great to wander around for a day. It has a spa and some caves you can visit except the center.
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City Breda

This city is known for the vibrant nightlife. It is a student town with a lot of beautifull architecture and history.

Image - Breda
Jennifer:Known for having the mosts bars and restaurants in a few square kilometers.
Image - City park Valkenberg
City park Valkenberg
Jennifer:Perfect to relax on a sunny day. Have a picnic and bring some drinks with you.
Image - Large Church Breda - Our Dear Mother Church
Large Church Breda - Our Dear Mother Church
Jennifer:Also open for public and there is a possibility to climb the tower.
Image - Het Markdal
Het Markdal
Jennifer:Perfect for a bicycle ride to Meersel Dreef in Belgium and have a beer.
Image - Royal Military Academy
Royal Military Academy
Jennifer:Only open a few times a year, but if you're around the sight is worth visiting.
Image - Kasteel Bouvigne
Kasteel Bouvigne
Jennifer:Next to the forest you can find this monument.
Image - Mastbos
Jennifer:Perfect forest for a stroll through nature.
Image - Ulvenhoutsebos
Jennifer:One of the oldest forests around.
Image - Restaurant de Boschwachter in 't Mastbos
Restaurant de Boschwachter in 't Mastbos
Jennifer:Perfect for breakfast or dinner in the forest.
Image - VVV Breda
VVV Breda
Jennifer:The place to book tours and find any information about the city you might need.
Image - Breda Centrum
Breda Centrum
Jennifer:Be aware that on sunny days all the Dutch people run out to find a spot on the many terraces around town to have a drink.
Image - Galderse lakes
Galderse lakes
Jennifer:The place to be for a swim or have a walk around the lake. In back of the lake there is a small nudist beach.
Image - Meersel-Dreef
Jennifer:The place to be after you're bicycle ride to get a coffee or beer.
Image - Stedelijk Museum
Stedelijk Museum
Jennifer:Art museum.
Image - Museum of History
Museum of History
Jennifer:Everything you want to know about the (Spanish) history.
Image - Holland Casino Breda
Holland Casino Breda
Jennifer:A good place if you want to have a night out when the weather isn't good or if you want to find a place that serves dinner after 23.00h.
Image - Chassé Theater & Cinema Breda
Chassé Theater & Cinema Breda
Jennifer:Art house movies and theater.
Image - BEL AIR, Café, Hall, Poppodium
BEL AIR, Café, Hall, Poppodium
Jennifer:Bar with a lot of live music. Check their events on Facebook.
Image - Irish Pub Breda, Mad Molly's
Irish Pub Breda, Mad Molly's
Jennifer:The only real Irish pub in town. Small venue and friendly staff.
Image - Café Lievense
Café Lievense
Jennifer:If you want to escape the crowds, this bar has a great hidden backgarden.
Image - Den Boerenstamppot
Den Boerenstamppot
Jennifer:A real Dutch meal with big portions, 3 courses for only 10 euro.
Image - Het Spanjaardsgat
Het Spanjaardsgat
Jennifer:Historical sight.
Image - Bootje Varen Breda
Bootje Varen Breda
Jennifer:Great to discover Breda from another point of view. There are options with drinks and food also.
Image - Beyerd Café-Restaurant-Brouwerij De Beyerd
Beyerd Café-Restaurant-Brouwerij De Beyerd
Jennifer:They have their own brewery, a big collection of beers and a lot of knowledge about it. Possibility for a tasting also.

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Wanderguide map

  1. Maastricht
  2. Vaals, Drielandenpunt
  3. Sint Servaasbrug
  4. Bisschopsmolen
  5. Mount Saint Peter
  6. Valkenburg
  7. Breda
  8. City park Valkenberg
  9. Large Church Breda - Our Dear Mother Church
  10. Het Markdal
  11. Royal Military Academy
  12. Kasteel Bouvigne
  13. Mastbos
  14. Ulvenhoutsebos
  15. Restaurant de Boschwachter in 't Mastbos
  16. VVV Breda
  17. Breda Centrum
  18. Galderse lakes
  19. Meersel-Dreef
  20. Stedelijk Museum
  21. Museum of History
  22. Holland Casino Breda
  23. Chassé Theater & Cinema Breda
  24. BEL AIR, Café, Hall, Poppodium
  25. Irish Pub Breda, Mad Molly's
  26. Café Lievense
  27. Den Boerenstamppot
  28. Het Spanjaardsgat
  29. Bootje Varen Breda
  30. Beyerd Café-Restaurant-Brouwerij De Beyerd
  31. Breda
  32. Zwolle
  33. Veluwe
  34. Groningen
  35. Delft
  36. Nijmegen
  37. Het Markdal
  38. Vlissingen
  39. 's-Hertogenbosch
  40. Zaanse Schans And Volendam Private Day Tour In Comfy Private Car
  41. Volendam
  42. Willemstad
  43. Giethoorn
  44. Maastricht
  45. Labyrint Drielandenpunt

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