Stijn's Ultimate Guide in Fez, Morocco

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Stijn Lamers

Stijn's Ultimate Morocco Guide

My personal favorites during my travel through Morocco! Restaurants, tours and cities, you can find it all in here!

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Must see locations in Morocco!

Image - Borj Nord
Borj Nord
Stijn:For a nice view over the city, this is the place to go! It shows the city of Fez from above and gives a real impression of its size.
Image - Chouara
Stijn:Breathtaking place! Literally and figuratively. The smell of the leather and ammoniac can be quite intense, but it's definitely worth a visit! You see an old craft like no other!
Image - Art D'ARGILE
Stijn:A place at which pottery is still produced the old fashioned way. There are many people working on crafting excellent and high-quality pottery. Be sure to go for a guided tour, as all the ins and outs of the production process are seen.
Image - Cinema Studio Atlas
Cinema Studio Atlas
Stijn:Really nice place to see film sets from series like Game of Thrones and Prison Break. Wander around a bit or hire a private guide!
Image - Kasbah of the Udayas
Kasbah of the Udayas
Stijn:This Kasbah gets you out of the hectics of the Medina in Rabat. You can wander around the streets of this cute little Kasbah and have a nice view over the ocean.
Image - Yves Saint Laurent Museum
Yves Saint Laurent Museum
Stijn:A very interesting museum that takes you back in time through the history of fashion. Yves Saint Laurent was one of the founders of fashion, which is clearly visible in this museum!
Image - Musée Berbère Jardin Majorelle
Musée Berbère Jardin Majorelle
Stijn:The Berbère Museum shows how the famous Berbers lived and still live in Morocco. It lets you appreciate their way of living, gives you insight in the history and provides information about the Berbers in general.
Image - Jardin Majorelle
Jardin Majorelle
Stijn:The Jardin Majorelle is truly majestic! The sun really lights up the place and gives it a very rustic feeling at the same time! It is a perfect place to take nice pictures of your travel to Morocco!
Image - Essaouira
Stijn:Essaouira is truly a beautiful city to visit and come to rest. There are some really nice restaurant, hammams and a rustic medina. Definitely recommended to finish off a trip to Morocco.
Image - Chefchaouen
Stijn:The Blue City! Highly recommended and a place that cannot be missed. With its characteristic blue colour, this is a place that really leaves an impression!
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Guided Tours

Guided tours to look forward to!

Image - 3 day trip to the desert in Morocco
$ 279
3 Days Premium Desert Trip To Merzouga From Marrakech
Stijn:Highly recommended. This trip takes your through the Sahara and all the highlights between Merzouga and Marrakech. The night in the Sahara is a once in a lifetime experience! Don't forget to look at the stars at night, breathtaking!
Image - Private Guided Full-Day City Tour Of Fez_206015
$ 36
Private Guided Full-Day City Tour Of Fez
Stijn:Fez is thé city to fall in love with. With all the crafts that are still going on in the city, it is highly entertaining. Besides, there are no motorized vehicles allowed in the medina, which makes it very hectic but still peaceful.
Image - Meknès And Roman Ruins Of Volubilis: Private Tour From Fes_205985
$ 59
Meknès And Roman Ruins Of Volubilis: Private Tour From Fes
Stijn:Recommended because of it provides comfort and is easily accessible. Both Volubilis and Meknès are not enough for a full day, so this trip is ideal to combine both beautiful places into one visit. Meknès really gives you the feeling of an old city and Volubilis throws you back in time to when the Romans where in Morocco.
Image - Ouarzazate ‘Hollywood Of Morocco’ & Ait Ben Haddou - Private Tour_205562
$ 48
Ouarzazate ‘Hollywood Of Morocco’ & Ait Ben Haddou - Private Tour
Stijn:Perfect trip if you want to see a lot in a short amount of time. The Hollywood of Morocco is really recommended because it gives you insight in the film sets that are used in series like Game of Thrones and Prison Break. For a unique experience in Ait Ben Haddou, walk all the way up the city to watch the sunset!
Image - Surf Guiding Day Trip To Essaouira
$ 84
Surf Guiding Day Trip To Essaouira
Stijn:Surfing is a skill that's not that easy to learn, but I think the guys in Essaouira gave it their best. The were willing to help at all times, highly recommend for all active people out there!
Image - Day Trip To Ourika Valley From Marrakech Including A Hike
$ 39
Day Trip To Ourika Valley From Marrakech Including A Hike
Stijn:Definitely a recommended trip that takes your away from all the hectic that Marrakech has to offer. Besides, you can also see how argan oil is made and take a swim in the lakes under the waterfalls! Also, if you are a photographer, this is the place to be!

My Favorite Restaurants

Truly delicious restaurants!

Image - The Ruined Garden
The Ruined Garden
Stijn:One of the best places in Fez. The food was excellent and the vibe in the restaurants was relaxed and chill. For everyone that's easily cold, they provide blankets if necessary. Make a reservation beforehand, as this restaurants is almost always full.
Image - Beats Burger
Beats Burger
Stijn:Beats Burger is my favorite in Marrakech. The restaurants gives an out when you've had enough of the tajines, rice and potatoes. Although the Moroccan food is excellent, this is a recommended option if you want a juicy burger yourself!
Image - THE LOFT
Stijn:The Loft gives you a very trendy and hippy feeling! The food is very good and divers, which means you can get both Moroccan dishes, but also dishes from all over Europe.
Image - Mega Loft Ottman Chic, Cafe, Resto, Gallery, ...
Mega Loft Ottman Chic, Cafe, Resto, Gallery, ...
Stijn:Very nice restaurant with a perfect vibe! After 7:30, there is a band playing for some live music. During hot weather, you can sit on the roof terrace, which is highly recommended for a nice overview of the city.
Image - Umia
Stijn:Maybe a little more expensive, but definitely a recommendation! This restaurant shows what attention to food looks like! The food is well prepared, tasty and the service is excellent!


Hotel recommendations throughout Morocco

Image - Hôtel Taddart
Hôtel Taddart
Stijn:This hotel is the place to stay on your way to Marrakech. The hotel gives a great view, has clean and spacious rooms en provides very good breakfast and diner!
Image - Hôtel Batha
Hôtel Batha
Stijn:Hotel Batha is a hotel that is very close to the medina. Although the rooms are sometimes a bit old, they do give you that old, historic feeling. The service in this hotel is very good, with good breakfast possibilities. Although wifi is not perfect, it is enough to keep everyone updated. Within 2 minutes, you are in the medina and wondering around this beautiful city.

Wanderguide map

  1. Borj Nord
  2. Chouara
  3. Art D'ARGILE
  4. Cinema Studio Atlas
  5. Kasbah of the Udayas
  6. Yves Saint Laurent Museum
  7. Musée Berbère Jardin Majorelle
  8. Jardin Majorelle
  9. Essaouira
  10. Chefchaouen
  11. 3 Days Premium Desert Trip To Merzouga From Marrakech
  12. Private Guided Full-Day City Tour Of Fez
  13. Meknès And Roman Ruins Of Volubilis: Private Tour From Fes
  14. Ouarzazate ‘Hollywood Of Morocco’ & Ait Ben Haddou - Private Tour
  15. Surf Guiding Day Trip To Essaouira
  16. Day Trip To Ourika Valley From Marrakech Including A Hike
  17. The Ruined Garden
  18. Beats Burger
  19. THE LOFT
  20. Mega Loft Ottman Chic, Cafe, Resto, Gallery, ...
  21. Umia
  22. Hôtel Taddart
  23. Hôtel Batha

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