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I'm born and raised in Reykajvik. I love this country and everything it has to offer - from extreme nature to good food to fun times. So if you're looking for guidance on things to do, my restaurant recommendations, need a car rental or airport shuttle, I've put together this travel guide to help you plan your trip. Happy travel hunting :)


The restaurant scene in Reykjavik is thriving and you can find anything from tasty street food to world class gourmet dining. Below I have a list of a few of my favourite restaurants in Reykjavik.

Image - Apotek Restaurant
Apotek Restaurant
Sigurjón :It is here where things happen! Great location and wonderful food
Image - Tapas barinn
Tapas barinn
Sigurjón :Great atmosphere and ideal when you just wan´t a tapas or two:)
Image - Sushi Social
Sushi Social
Sigurjón :So much fun eating out here and of course super tasty food
Image - Sæta Svínið Gastropub
Sæta Svínið Gastropub
Sigurjón :Here they have a very good selection of Icelandic beer
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Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is one of the most popular destinations in Iceland and for a good reason! With its close proximity to Reykjavik it is an ideal day trip to see the best of the Icelandic nature in one go. You could make your trip even more memorable by going snorkeling between the 2 tectonic plates in Silfra. It's a truly magical experience, so much so that there are many who travel to Iceland for this sole purpose.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights can be as hard to predict as the Icelandic weather but if you get lucky and catch them during your trip you are in for a treat. Seeing the lights dancing in the midnight sky is magical. Although I do not have much experience with the tours I added a few options.


Reykjavik has been nicknamed the smallest big capital in the world! With less than 200 thousand inhabitants it is nevertheless a bustling city full of beautiful architecture, culture, events, activities, shopping and restaurants. I added a few tours as options but I have not done the tours my self.

Image - Harpa
Sigurjón :The iconic music and conference hall downtown Reykjavik next to the old harbor. Definitely worth a visit!
Image - Hallgrimskirkja
Sigurjón :The big church has some great views of Reykjavik from the top and the street leading up to it (Skólavörðustígur) is great for shopping local arts and souvenirs

South Coast

The South Coast is one of the most popular destination due to its closeness to Reykjavik and its varied and spectacular landscape. Within a few hours drive from Reykjavik you will pass waterfalls, glaciers, volcanos, black sand beaches and more places of interests. You can't go wrong with the south

Image - South Coast Iceland
Everything You Need to Know about the South Coast of Iceland
Sigurjón :Awesome article to plan your trip around the south coast of Iceland!
Image - South Coast and Northern Lights_33224
$ 136
South Coast and Northern Lights
Sigurjón :Not given that you will see the lights, keep that in mind
Image - South Coast Fire & Ice Tour_71063
$ 161
South Coast Fire & Ice Tour
Sigurjón :This is one of my favourite tours. Worked as a glacier guide for many years and did this tour countless times.
Image - South Coast & Jökulsárlón Sightseeing From Reykjavík_96879
$ 136
South Coast & Jökulsárlón Sightseeing From Reykjavík
Sigurjón :Jökulsárlón is great though doing this in one day will take c.a 12 hours
Image - SOUTH COAST CLASSIC (Guided in 10 languages)_32512
$ 84
South Coast Classic: Guided in 10 languages
Sigurjón :Definitely the best budget friendly option for a day tour around the south coast - great new company!

Local Culture

Some people say the local culture in Iceland is so rich due to the inspirational landscape and nature all around us. Whether true or not, there is certainly no lack of cultural and local event of all kinds.

Outdoor Adventures

Iceland is probably one of the best places in the world to enjoy the great outdoors and whether you are looking for a leisurely stroll in the nature or an intense outdoor adventures, you can surely find an outdoor experience of a lifetime.

Family Friendly Activities

Children of all ages love experiences everything Iceland has to offer, including the local swimming pools, beautiful animals such as the Icelandic Horse, Whales and Puffins, and so much more the country has to offer families.

Spa & Relaxation

Iceland has become renowned for its natural geothermal spas and pools, ranging from remote fully natural hot springs to luxurious retreats. Not to mention the local swimming pools which you can literally find in every neighborhood and small town throughout the country.

Image - Laugar Spa
Laugar Spa
Image - Hilton Reykjavik Spa
Hilton Reykjavik Spa
Image - A Rated List of All Swimming Pools in Reykjavik
Every Swimming Pool In The Greater Reykjavík Area, Rated

Hiking near Reykjavik

Everywhere you go in Iceland you can find places to hike in the vast wilderness. We are surrounded with beautiful mountains, lakes and glaciers which all offer stunning views of the landscape on a clear day.

Articles from locals

Here are some articles by local writers that I recommend checking out before your trip.