Sergeantsville, NJ

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Sergeantsville, NJ

Sergeantsville, NJ is a lovely small town in Delaware Township. About 5 minutes from the Delaware River (which crosses into PA) and 10 minutes from New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ. For a weekend away, stay at our Airbnb

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Image - Sergeantsville Inn
Sergeantsville Inn
James:Great place for a beer or glass of wine in the tavern or a fantastic meal in the main dining room.
Image - Green Sergeant Covered Bridge
Green Sergeant Covered Bridge
James:Last covered bridge in NJ!
Image - Stockton Farm Market
Stockton Farm Market
James:Opened Friday nights for dinner, and Saturday and Sunday.
Image - WDVR 89.7 FM
WDVR 89.7 FM
James:Our local radio station.
Image - Sergeantsville General Store
Sergeantsville General Store
James:Popular spot for bicyclists to stop as they tour the beautiful roads of Delaware Township.
Image - Cane Farm Furniture
Cane Farm Furniture
James:Went to high school with Owen Cane. Long lasting, high quality furniture (in an age of disposable everything).
Image - United States Postal Service
United States Postal Service
James:In case you need to mail a letter.
Image - Charles Tiles, Inc.
Charles Tiles, Inc.
James:Next door.
Image - Delaware River Tubing
Delaware River Tubing
James:Float down the Delaware River on a lazy summer day.
Image - Sergeantsville Grain & Feed
Sergeantsville Grain & Feed
James:Old time grain and feed store, and whatever else you need!
Image - Lovin' Oven
Lovin' Oven
James:Breakfast in Frenchtown, NJ!
Image - Liberty Hall Pizza
Liberty Hall Pizza
James:Great pizza, period. (Lambertville, NJ)
Image - Owowcow Creamery
Owowcow Creamery
James:Have some local ice cream ... next door to Liberty Hall Pizza. (Lambertville, NJ)
Image - Peddler's Village
Peddler's Village
James:Lots of shops. For kids try Giggleberry (Lahaska, PA).
Image - Dilly's at Centre Bridge
Dilly's at Centre Bridge
James:Just over the Stockton, NJ bridge into PA. Have some soft ice cream and burgers and fries. Except to wait on a hot summer day.
Image - Solebury Orchards
Solebury Orchards
James:Picking during the season. And the store is open most of the year. Get the apple cider donuts and the applesauce (we buy it by the case!) (Solebury, PA)
Image - Black Bass Restaurant
Black Bass Restaurant
James:For a romantic dinner. Make reservations! (Lumberville, PA)
Image - Lumberville General Store
Lumberville General Store
James:Across from the Black Bass. Stop for breakfast or lunch. Seating outside. (Lumberville, PA)
Image - The Fudge Shoppe
The Fudge Shoppe
James:Yum! About one minute from Northlandz. On the way out from New York if you're taking 202. Just before you reach Flemington, NJ.
Image - Profeta Farms
Profeta Farms
James:If you're driving out from NYC on Route 202 and want to pick up some great organic local food. About 30 minutes before you arrive at our house. (803 US-202, Neshanic Station, NJ 08853)
Image - Northlandz
James:Largest toy train collection in the world!
Image - Marhaba
James:Awesome place, cash only. Great playground next to it for kids!
Image - Ringing Rocks County Park
Ringing Rocks County Park
James:About half an hour from our house, worth the beautiful drive. We have hammers at the house you can bring. "Ring" the rocks and then hike a short distance to the falls. Great anytime of year!
Image - ShopRite of Flemington
ShopRite of Flemington
James:Grocery shopping 15 minutes away.
Image - GIANT Food Stores
GIANT Food Stores
James:Large grocery market 15 minutes away. Decent organic section.
Image - Maria Rosa Restaurant & Pizza
Maria Rosa Restaurant & Pizza
James:Great local pizza and pasta place. Five minutes from our house. Friendly owner and staff!
Image - Meadowlark Restaurant
Meadowlark Restaurant
James:Top notch restaurant spot in New Hope. Be sure to make reservations. Pricey, but worth it! BYOB.
Image - Travelade Image
Goat Hill Road
James:Great short hike to a view of the two bridges crossing the Delaware River:
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Wanderguide map

  1. Sergeantsville Inn
  2. Green Sergeant Covered Bridge
  3. Stockton Farm Market
  4. Stockton Fine Wine & Spirits
  5. WDVR 89.7 FM
  6. Sergeantsville General Store
  7. Cane Farm Furniture
  8. United States Postal Service
  9. Charles Tiles, Inc.
  10. Delaware River Tubing
  11. Sergeantsville Grain & Feed
  12. Lovin' Oven
  13. Liberty Hall Pizza
  14. Owowcow Creamery
  15. Peddler's Village
  16. Dilly's at Centre Bridge
  17. Solebury Orchards
  18. Black Bass Restaurant
  19. Lumberville General Store
  20. The Fudge Shoppe
  21. Profeta Farms
  22. Northlandz
  23. Marhaba
  24. Ringing Rocks County Park
  25. ShopRite of Flemington
  26. GIANT Food Stores
  27. Maria Rosa Restaurant & Pizza
  28. Meadowlark Restaurant
  29. Goat Hill Road

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