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Apparations and Stories from the Mountains: A Private Night Walk in Sintra

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time-raw4 hours
Starting point
Historic Centre

Delve into the magic night world of Sintra, enjoy the beauty of mountains under the stars, and marvel at nocturnal landscapes. Sintra's castles will fascinate you with their interesting forms and grandeur. A wonderful view emerges from the highest point of the mountains to make outstanding photos.

What to expect?


  • Early in the night we will meet at Sintra's Historic Centre, where this unique opportunity of hearing the true background of mysticism involving Sintra begins, through the words of Sintra's foremost history researcher, Miguel Boim, with the additional advantage of visiting a tourist spot like Sintra away from the usual crowds.

  • After being introduced to what legends and myths are and their impact in the village through time, we'll begin our way across the mountain (by road and having very short trails) in the dark of the night.

  • With the stars hanging above us, the nocturnal landscape will be broken by the sight of a few monuments in the distance (National Palace, Pena Palace, among others), as well as some peculiar sites whose past specifics, and what they enclose, would elude a regular guide. Also, you will know how these impacted the traditions and way of thinking of the local people - especially the ancient ones.

  • From the highest parts of the mountain, whose silence a tourist will find uncommon, you'll hear about some of the strange memoirs that history left us in the documents and manuscripts from past centuries.

  • The walk (about 6 kilometers, spanning around 4 hours) has the singularity of being titled "Sintra, Apparitions, and Stories From the Mountains".

  • The terrain is a regular one (often times through dark roads) and the effort implied is very similar to spending a whole afternoon strolling around Sintra, with its ups and downs.

  • And the questions will emerge to you: why are some things like they are here in Sintra, their disposition, their asymmetry; how have they come to be like this and which explanations most people come up with; in the past, what was already abandoned, causing then fear to visit.

  • Not many centuries ago, you would have traveled in a carriage from Lisbon through a very hard, harsh and narrow road, desert-like, with mountains and windmills in the distance, and your coachman would stop midway, after almost two hours of driving. You will know the reason for that. However, as soon as one arrived at the village, you would notice an important building, abandoned, visited by none due to its fame.

  • This is just an image of a past gateway to Sintra, though there are thousands of them when you look to the past with the proper historical filter acquired in endless pages of memories, documentation, and descriptions from the past.

What is included?

  • Historian guide
  • Stopping at specifical points, where you'll hear unusual tales and facts from Sintra's History.
  • You'll be provided with a safety vest so you can be safe and visible when on the road.

Is this experience for me?

  • Age limit 16 years
  • Great for a small group experience

What do I need to bring?

  • You will need comfortable footwear (the same you would use to stroll around in a touristic place for a whole afternoon)
  • Wear comfortable clothes that can be suitable for cold but that you can easily remove them if you feel hot
  • Bring your ID
  • A bottle of water
  • Snacks
  • Camera

Additional information

  • Voucher: You will receive a secure voucher to either print out or present on your mobile phone.
  • Cancellation Policy: For a full refund, please cancel at least 24 hours prior to the start date of the experience..
  • Quality Assurance: Travelade only works with selected local partners we trust to provide high-quality service.

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