My Porto Guide

Wanderguide by

Baldur Jón Kristjánsson

My Porto Guide

I took a trip to Porto with my girlfriend and 5 year old daughter and wanted to share with you all of the things I would recommend in this old and beautiful city.

Outdoor Activities

Image - Zoo Santo Inácio
Zoo Santo Inácio
Baldur Jón:Normally I don't like going to the Zoo but this one was really nice. They offer free transport from Downtown Porto
Image - Luís I Bridge
Luís I Bridge
Baldur Jón:The iconic bridge of Porto.
Image - Calçada das Carquejeiras
Calçada das Carquejeiras
Baldur Jón:Walking down this road is ridiculous but fun... It's so steep!... You get a fantastic view of the Luis Bridge :)
Image - Matosinhos Beach
Matosinhos Beach
Baldur Jón:Decent beach but the waves were little rough for my 5 year old.
Image - Porto Cathedral
Porto Cathedral
Baldur Jón:This Cathedral is really beautiful but the best part is the view of the city you get from the hill it sits on.
Image - Teleférico de Gaia - Estação Cais de Gaia
Teleférico de Gaia - Estação Cais de Gaia
Baldur Jón:At the Gaia side on the Luis bridge you can take a trip in these cable cars and get a fantastic scenic view over the city.
Image - Cais da Ribeira
Cais da Ribeira
Baldur Jón:Beautiful street beside the river filled with restaurants and shops. Very touristy but beutiful.
Image - Parque da Cidade do Porto
Parque da Cidade do Porto
Baldur Jón:Beautiful Park! Highly recommend.
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Nothing better to start the day with good breakfast. Here are my favorite places.

Image - La Ricotta
La Ricotta
Baldur Jón:This place is fantastic! Got the best service, great food and fantastic gin selection. Highly recommended!
Image - Burger Point
Burger Point
Baldur Jón:This place is fantastic for those burger cravings! Reasonable priced also
Image - éLeBê Baixa
éLeBê Baixa
Baldur Jón:If you want authentic Portuguese food in a modern atmosphere go here. I recommend that you taste the squid. Good service.


You can get desert everywhere in Porto... but we always went to the same place :)

Image - Gelataria Sincelo
Gelataria Sincelo
Baldur Jón:Cheap and yummy icecream & waffles!


Image - ViaCatarina Shopping
ViaCatarina Shopping
Baldur Jón:If you desire the Mall experience... this is the place to go.