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Fjord Kayaking Hellesylt

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time-raw3 hours
Starting point
Uteguiden Hellesylt Kayak Base

Always wanted to kayak in a Norwegian fjord with mountains rising straight up right by your side? This is the perfect spot! A tour with family friendly kayaking in magnificent surroundings and chances of spotting wildlife.

Additional information

Uteguiden is the biggest activity provider in the area and has guides who have the best local knowledge in town. In case you want to experience the Norwegian outdoors in a safe and enriching way they’ll make it their mission to provide you with an unforgettable experience up here in the adventure capital of the fjords. Just make sure to check before heading out that your insurance covers for kayaking.

What do I need to bring?

  • Water repellent jacket - to prepare you for Norwegian weather
  • Energy/Snack - to keep you energized
  • Cap/Sunglasses - for when the sun is shining bright like a diamond
  • Water - to keep you hydrated
  • Camera - to capture those unique moments
  • Extra clothes - in case you’d like to change afterwards

Is this experience for me?

This unique paddling experience is for everyone who would like to see the fjords in a different way then from the side of the street or inside a ferry boat. Paddling with these kayaks is suitable for the whole family (from 6 years and above) and the certified guide will be there to safeguard you at all times.

What’s included

  • A Kayak tour in Hellesylt
  • An English speaking certified kayak guide
  • A Single/Double kayak - depending on your wishes
  • Buoyancy - to keep you floating
  • Paddle - to keep you going
  • Spraydeck - to keep you dry inside the kayak

What to expect?

Hellesylt is a small village with a little over 250 inhabitants which is located in the municipality of Stranda. The calmth and majesticness of nature can be felt there every single day. Situated at the head of the Sunnylvsfjorden it is a branch of the 5th longest fjord in Norway called Storfjord. After meeting your guide at the kayak base in Hellesylt, receiving all of the necessary equipment and safety briefing you are all set to head out on Sunnylvsfjorden. The certified kayak guide will give you some paddle instructions so that everybody feels safe and comfy from the three hours of kayaking through nature’s finest. Following the shoreline of Hellesylt you’ll have good chances to spot wildlife. It happens often that eagles, porpoises, and otters can be seen in the area. Another peculiarity to look out for are mountain farms. Once you have seen the first one you can ask yourself (or the guide) how it was possible for people to live up there. No matter where you look while paddling through the fjord you’ll get to experience Norwegian mountains at their finest, waterfalls coming down into the fjord, perhaps some snowy mountain peaks or curious wildlife.