Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Wanderguide by

Linda Nezdulkina

Ninh Binh, Vietnam

A short ride away from Hanoi you can find a rice paddy paradise! Mountains, rivers and fresh air - you did not expect such beauty so close to the city, I know! Ninh Binh is often overlooked, but we love it even more than Halong Bay. Also it is so cheap to visit it and the tours are amazing!

My Recommendations

Image - Mua Cave Viewpoint
Mua Cave Viewpoint
Linda:Come to the Mua Cave Viewpoint as early as you can! It says that the ticket booth opens at 6 am, but you can be there at 5 am already! You will avoid the crowds and the heat!
Image - Ninh Bình Province
Ninh Bình Province
Linda:Ninh Binh Province is such a great city escape only 3 hours away from Hanoi. Rice paddies and mountains, no wonders it's called Halong Bay on land.
Image - Ecotourism Trang An Boat Tour
Ecotourism Trang An Boat Tour
Linda:YOU HAVE TO TAKE A BOAT TOUR. Capitals because it is a must! It will cost only $8 per person and will take you through caves and narrow river paths through mountains.
Image - Bich Dong Pagoda
Bich Dong Pagoda
Linda:This Pagoda is amazing! But the most amazing thing is the entrance gate, which is absolutely beautiful. Pagoda is located inside a mountain, the entrance is free. If you are scared of bats as I am, hahaha, be prepared!
Image - Hang Múa
Hang Múa
Linda:Make as many pictures as possible in the Mua Caves! The views around are gorgeous!
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