My personal favorite in South-America: Peru

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Stijn Lamers

My personal favorite in South-America: Peru

A guide to some of the most majestic places in Peru. Take your time and find out everything that Peru has to offer. Book a trip, look for inspiration or simply read about my experiences in this beautiful country!


The best hotels throughout Peru

Image - La Casa de Mi Abuela
La Casa de Mi Abuela
Stijn:The biggest surprise of whole Arequipa as a hotel. Once you pass the reception, you enter a beautiful garden with lots of places to relax. The rooms are very nice, the beds are good and the water is warm! 10/10 would recommend.
Image - Inkari EcoLodge - Colca
Inkari EcoLodge - Colca
Stijn:This hotel is close to the Cruz del Condor. It's not exactly in the city centre, but the location is very rustic and nice. The rooms are big and quite cheap.
Image - Hotel El Buho
Hotel El Buho
Stijn:Hotel El Buho is situated in the middle of Puno. If you come out of the hotel, you are immediately in the city centre, close to the markets, shops and restaurants. If you want to go to the harbour, I would recommend going by bike or taxi.
Image - Los Aticos B&B
Los Aticos B&B
Stijn:Los Aticos is a very nice and rustig hotel in the middle of Cuzco. There are not many hotels that are better for that price. Only a 2 minute walk brings you to the Plaza, from where you can go anywhere you want.
Image - Hotel Ollantaytambo Lodge
Hotel Ollantaytambo Lodge
Stijn:The hotel itself is very nice. Breakfast is excellent and also the rooms are spacious and give a feeling of being at home, not in a hotel. Although Ollantaytambo is mainly used for traveling to Aguas Calientes, I can recommend this hotel!
Image - Hotel San Jorge Residencial
Hotel San Jorge Residencial
Stijn:Best hotel I've had on the trip. The rooms are very spacious, there is an excellent swimming pool and the hotel gives you a safe feeling.
Image - Hotel INKA'S LAND
Stijn:Hotel INKA'S LAND is highly recommended in Aguas Calientes. It's used to tourists going to Machu Picchu and will help you at all times. Staff is very friendly and do everything to make your stay pleasant.
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Guided Tours

Tours to enjoy!

Image - Rainbow Mountain Hike_114314
$ 109
Rainbow Mountain Hike
Stijn:The Rainbow Mountain Hike is something you will never forget. With the help of a guide, he will tell you everything about the history of the mountain, how the different colours appear and where you have to look out for! Would definitely recommend this tour.
Image - Machu Picchu Private Guided Tour From Aguas Calientes_156041
$ 135
Machu Picchu Private Guided Tour From Aguas Calientes
Stijn:Machu Picchu, the one thing everyone is going to Peru for. Hiring a private guide is highly recommended. They are trained to tell you everything about the history of the site, while also making sure that everything stays clean and historical. Miguel, our guide, could tell us everything about Peru and Machu Picchu, whilst also being very friendly!
Image - Cusco Walking Tour_155949
$ 58
Cusco Walking Tour
Stijn:I would recommend this tour if you want to get a grip on the history of Cuzco. This tour, given by locals, shows you all the ins and outs of the city.
Image - Choquequirao 5-Days Trek To The Lost City Of The Incas_155922
$ 550
Choquequirao 5-Days Trek To The Lost City Of The Incas
Stijn:The trekking trip to Machu Picchu. Although I wasn't able to do it myself, some of my fellow travelers did. They highly recommend this tour. It can be quite hard sometimes, as the roads are steep and sometimes hard to follow, but with the help of a guide, it truly gives you the unique experience that the Incas had all along.
Image - View Of The Condors In Chonta Canyon Full Day Tour_474760
$ 145
View Of The Condors In Chonta Canyon Full Day Tour
Stijn:The condors were something I wouldn't want to miss. The Tour shows all the big spots where these majestic birds can be seen. I would recommend taking some pictures of the condors and to simply enjoy everything you see around. If you're lucky, you see them fighting other birds in the sky.


All the highlights in Peru

Image - Huacachina
Stijn:Huacachina! The one place that is truly majestic. Definitely a recommended place on a trip to Peru. Go sandboarding and buggy riding till sundown. Seeing the sun go down behind the dunes is something you'll never forget.
Image - Colca Canyon
Colca Canyon
Stijn:The Colca Canyon, famous for its nature and the Condors. I think it's a very nice place to go and would recommend going there as it's not so far from the big cities. A day trip is sufficient.
Image - Arequipa
Stijn:Arequipa is a wonderful city with lots of history. The big cathedral is something to go for, but you'll need long sleeves and pants for that. Did you know that on average there is a small earthquake every two days!
Image - Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa
Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa
Stijn:As said before, the Cathedral is something to go for. You can walk all the way up into the cathedral for a small fee, but I would recommend it. It gives you an excellent overview of the city.
Image - Plaza de Armas Arequipa
Plaza de Armas Arequipa
Stijn:Beautiful plaza to relax and drink some coffee. There are plenty of small restaurants or cafés where you can get a nice cup on-the-go. Relax and see all the street art, musicians and Peruvians enjoy their day on the square.
Image - Larco Museum
Larco Museum
Image - Santa Catalina Monastery
Santa Catalina Monastery
Stijn:When in Arequipa, go there. Hiring a guide is recommended, because he/she can tell you everything about the history of the Monastery. There are still people living there, but chances of seeing them are small.
Image - Nazca
Stijn:The Nazca lines is something you don't want to miss. These lines are only visible from a small aeroplane, but I would recommend going. Watch out, because if it's windy, it can be quite a bumpy ride.
Image - Uros
Stijn:The Uros Island is something to do. From Puno, it's only a small trip to the Uros Island. These people live on the water and have an amazing history!
Image - Amantaní
Stijn:Amantaní Island is recommended because of its history. I've had the opportunity to sleep with a local family, so that's something I would highly recommend doing. Some houses don't have power, electricity or running water, which gives you a really basic feeling.
Image - Andahuaylillas
Image - Lima
Stijn:The capital of Peru, Lima. This city has a lot to offer, so staying there for a few days is recommended. There are lots of things to see and do, so take your time and breath in the Peruvian culture.

My Favorite Restaurants

Do your tummy a favour

Image - Zig Zag
Zig Zag
Stijn:Best restaurant in Arequipa, go there if you want to taste the guinea pig. It was my first time there and I really enjoyed it.
Image - La Plaza Bar & Grill
La Plaza Bar & Grill
Stijn:This restaurant gives you a nice view over the Plaza de Armas in Arequipa. Relax in the shade and take everything in that's happening on the square.
Image - Uchu Peruvian Steakhouse
Uchu Peruvian Steakhouse
Stijn:The Uchu Peruvian Steakhouse is an excellent opportunity to eat alpaca or llama. The staff is very friendly and helps you with everything. But most importantly, the food is excellent.
Image - Papacho's, Cuzco
Papacho's, Cuzco
Stijn:Papacho's is the place to go if you're looking for burgers or something American. This place has it all. The food is good, staff is friendly and alcohol is served.
Image - Tree House Restaurant
Tree House Restaurant
Stijn:Number one go to place in Aguas Calientes. The place is truly majestic, not so much focused on tourists and the food is very good. It's also very rustic and peaceful, which is very nice.
Image - Mojsa Restaurant
Mojsa Restaurant
Stijn:Mojsa is an absolute recommendation in Puno. The restaurants is almost always crowded, but staff still is very friendly, the food is good and the kitchen is very divers.

Peru - What to see and do

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