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Kyoto - Downtown Guide

Famous for its hospitality, tranquility and ancient Temples and Shrines, Kyoto is often thought of as place to retreat. However this former capital of Japan arguably gives Tokyo a run for its money as the cultural centre.

Great Bars in Downtown Kyoto

Image - ワイン食堂 Old School
ワイン食堂 Old School
Hannah Auerbach:A well kept secret, this basement bar has a huge selection of whisky's and wines. They serve an excellent short menu of food and light bites. The staff speak english and it's possible to just have a drink without ordering food.
Image - Kamiyacho
Hannah Auerbach:Located in a charming back alley in the Gion District of Kyoto is Tachinomi Trecento. This is a traditional standing bar. (In Japanese 'Tachi' means stand and 'nomi' mean drink.) This bar has a unique take on bar snacks, serving traditional Oden with a twist. Oden is a traditional Japanese stew usually containing vegetables, tofu and other items. However this bar mixes the concept of Oden with Italian and European cuisine alongside a great wine list.
Image - Bungalow 寺町店
Bungalow 寺町店
Hannah Auerbach:Bungalow offers a variety or craft beers and natural wines. It's relaxed atmosphere and tasty food make it a great place to enjoy craft beer in Kyoto.
Image - Ygion
Hannah Auerbach:Ygion is actually a multi-story cultural hub hosting exhibitions and events across it's five floors. Check out the latest offerings at the rooftop bar whilst enjoying the view of the Kamo River.
Hannah Auerbach:Intimate bar for a great Sake tasting experience. 500 Yen per glass or 3500 Yen for all you can drink. The staff don't speak a lot of English but this doesn't tend to stop them from catering to your needs.
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Boutique Shopping

Stylish and Boutique Shops

Hannah Auerbach:Globally famous, the Kyoto branch of KAPITAL has a contemporary layout. They create their own collections of off beat garments for men and women. These are stocked alongside one off pieces and accessories from around the globe. The top floor is dedicated to socks and bandanas.
Image - Gallery Kei
Gallery Kei
Hannah Auerbach:Traditional and hand made textile pieces. Unique artworks from artisans across Japan. Whether you're looking for a small present or to make a serious investment in a unique piece of Japanese textile art. The gallery staff can accomodate you.
Image - Kyukyodo
Hannah Auerbach:Beautiful postcards and Japanese stationary including traditional brushes and pigments. A peaceful and relaxing souvenir shop.
Image - Kikuya Zakkaten
Kikuya Zakkaten
Hannah Auerbach:Quirky pieces, including womens clothing and accessories as well as home furnishings.
Image - Hakuho-Do
Hannah Auerbach:An amazing cosmetic store stocking handmade make-up brushes. The brushes range in price dependant on their components. Most are made from wood and various different animal hair. The shop staff can advise you on the right brushes for your regime.
Image - ANGERS Kawaramachi
ANGERS Kawaramachi
Hannah Auerbach:A wonderfully curated three floors of stationary, kitchen utensils and fashion. Prices range from small affordable gifts to high quality leather wallets and investment pieces.
Image - Granpie
Hannah Auerbach:There are actually two branches of Granpie in this location, across the street from one and other. The first shop sells a collection of objects from around the world including Kilim rugs, ceramics and ornaments. The store across the street mainly sells clothing made form natural materials and dyes.
Image - roastery DAUGHTER / gallery SON
roastery DAUGHTER / gallery SON
Hannah Auerbach:This charming coffee shop includes a gallery space of carefully chosen objects. It's actually the second venture from the owners of Wife and Husband Coffee on the north side of town.