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Visit The Famous Chocolate Factory And The Chianti Wine Region (Tuscany)

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Visit the Valley of Flowers & Chocolate (Tuscany): the Garden of Eden - the biggest Nursery in Europe and the Winner of Academy of Chocolate with also authentic with wine-olive oil tasting in Chianti Wine region • Time to visit the Garden of HeadenSin

What to expect?

• Pick up directly at your address
• Transportation service with Driver
• Guided Tour inside the Garden of Eden (the biggest Nursery in Europe)
• Wine and Olive Oil tasting inside the Nursery
• Lunch can be at the Nursery or at Organic Winery in Chianti
• Time to visit Winner for the fourth consecutive year of the Academy of Chocolate Awards (also in 2017)
• Time to visit the famous Chianti Wine RegionField-grown plants:
Quality is our objective right from the start of the production process, based on the following simple rules:
• rigorous selection of the young plants
• optimum planting distances to allow balanced growth of aerial parts
• a succession of regular transplants. Planting distances increase every time

  • by the fourth transplant, distances are 2.5 mt. along rows and the same between rows.
    • Judicious fertilising and disease treatment, to avoid altering the microbial activity of the soil
    • Mechanical soil tilling to avoid over-irrigation, but encourage the formation of lots of secondary roots on the root system
    • Pruning for shape in wintertime and pruning back in summer
    • Constant monitoring of our plants' state of health and rigorous prevention of disease, in order to avoid recourse to treatments based on chemical products, while guaranteeing at the same time an optimum state of health.
    Pot-grown plants:
    Our company growth owes much to the quality and range of our pot-grown plants that are today a point of reference for plant nurserymen all over Europe. Huge investments have been necessary, but the outcome has been successful. Pot- grown plants are indispensable to garden centres because they guarantee planting success, are easily handled and can be sold all year round.
    Topiary Art
    Horses and dolphins, elephants and flamingos, swans and giraffes, plus aeroplanes, boats and carriages, not to mention towers, fountains and musical instruments or just simply, little trees with rounded crowns, spheres, cones and pyramids.
    Giant Garden Bonsai
    These are the VIPs of topiary! It is worth exploring their origins, even if only to explain how their relatively high prices are more than justified by the years and years of work they involve. So let us take an imaginary journey to Japan, whose landscape offers a fascinating spectacle of century-old trees, formed into strange and original shapes - twisted, flattened, layer upon layer. These specimens, so wonderfully modelled by wind and weather, inspired Japanese gardeners right from ancient times to "cloud-clip" those conifers and shrubs which were most suitable because of their foliage, wood, branch system and ability to withstand pruning.

What is included?

Pick up directly at your address,Guided Tour inside the Garden (500 hct),Guided Tour inside the Chocolate Factory,Wine and Olive oil Tasting,Snacks,Bottled water,Alcoholic Beverages

Additional information

  • Voucher: You will receive a secure voucher to either print out or present on your mobile phone.
    • Cancellation Policy: Fee of 90% if cancelled 5 days before event or less.
    • Quality Assurance: Travelade only works with selected local partners we trust to provide high quality service.

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