iceland360VR south iceland tips

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iceland360VR south iceland tips

South Iceland has a diverse and spectacular natural environment with great attraction that is easy to access and experience all year round. on this route you will see amazing waterfalls, majestic glaciers, black sand beaches and depending on the day some of the most gorgeous vistas you’ll ever see!

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Outdoor Adventures

It’s what Iceland does best….choose from a wide variety of top rated tours and experiences that will take you out into the wild Icelandic nature.

Glacier Experiences

Climb it, hike it, snowmobile on it...choose how you want to experience these slow moving giants of ice and snow.

Hot Springs & Swimming Pools

From navigating your way to hot springs, to how to navigate Icelandic swimming pool culture.

Airport transfer & Rental Cars

Let's start with the basics. Depending on if you are optimizing for budget, convenience and speed, here is how I travel to and from KEF international airport to Reykjavik. I most often choose Airport Direct Premium as it takes me straight to my doorstep without changing shuttles at a bus terminal. I have also added a couple of great car rental companies in Iceland I have good experience with.