Snorkel and Diving Tours

The conditions for snorkeling and diving in Iceland are quite unique. Here's a selection of snorkeling and diving tours, picked by our local team.


Snorkeling and diving is usually not the first thing that springs to mind when people think of Iceland, it's somethine you would only do in warm tropical climate, right? Think again! Iceland has become a global favorite spot for some of the most spectacular and unique places for snorkeling and diving in the world.

Particularly popular is the underwater canyone Silfra in Thingvellir National Park which some claim is the clearest water to dive/snorkel in in the world. Truly spectacular experience worth every cent spent on a quality diving or snorkeling tour in Iceland.

Image - Snorkeling in Silfra: In between two continents_8601
Image - Golden Circle & Snorkeling in Silfra Combo_10927
Image - Snorkeling Silfra & Whale Watching_10960
Image - Drysuit Snorkeling in Silfra_23685
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Image - Into the Blue_457
From $156
Into the Blue
Image - Into the Blue from Reykjavík_55635
Image - Deep Into The Blue_70657
From $322
Deep Into The Blue
Image - Strýtan Day Tour_43683
From $368
Strýtan Day Tour
Image - Discover Scuba Diving_52770
From $240
Discover Scuba Diving