1. November 2017


Northern Lights Tours

If you're a serious northern lights hunter, you should consider joining a tour where experienced guides take you to the best sites for gazing at this wonderful phenomena. Here's a selection of some fantastic northern lights tours.

Enjoying the Northern lights dancing in the midnight sky in Iceland is an unforgettable experience that shouldn't be missed during your winter trip.

If you are looking to maximize your changes of seeing the northern lights during your trip to Iceland, look no further. Travelade has one of the largest collection of quality guided northern lights tours and experiences for every traveler. Wheather you are looking for the best value for money tour or a personalized private excursion, you will find what you are looking for at Travelade.

37 recommendations by Travelade

Image - Northen Lights Tour_14556
From $121
Northern Lights Tour
Image - Þórsmörk Overnight_26817
From $1,190
Þórsmörk Overnight
Image - Westfjords Winterbreak_40696
From $1,287
Westfjords Winterbreak
Image - Fatbike Nightrider_40993
From $255
Fatbike Nightrider
Image - ATV & Northern Lights_31992
From $243
ATV & Northern Lights
Image - Northern Lights by Boat_235
From $110
Northern Lights by Boat

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