Aldís Coquillon
Aldís Coquillon

Iceland Recommendations

I am excited to welcome you to Iceland. Here are my personal recommendations for some great tours and activities in Iceland along with car rentals and great travel articles to help with your planning. Hope you will enjoy your time in Iceland!

My Recommendations

These are my recommendations of things to do, guided experiences and local insights.

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South Iceland off the beaten path — 10 destinations you shouldn't miss
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Best of Reykjavik: Sights, Arts, Food
Image - 17Sortir
Sugar Coat Everything – 17 Sortir Bakery in Reykjavík, Iceland

My personal travel tips

Iceland is renowned for it's natural beauty, rugged landscape and bright summer nights. Below you will find a hand-curated selection of bookable activities to make the most of your stay along with helpful articles, restaurant recommendations and more.