Northern Lights

The Northern Lights (aka Aurora Borealis) can be as hard to predict as the Icelandic weather but if you get lucky and catch them during your trip you are in for a treat. Seeing the lights dancing in the midnight sky is magical. The Northern Lights season in Iceland is from mid September to mid April.

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My personal travel tips

If you already have a car and want to hunt for the Northern Lights yourself that is absolutely doable! This article has a good overview of the Northern lights but most importantly you need to follow the Aurora Forecast to maximize your changes. A few places that often provide good visibilty around Reykjavik are the Reykjanes Peninsula, Hvalfjordur Fjord and Mosfellsheidi mountain. However, if you prefer to go with a professional guide to help maximise your chances of spotting the lights, here are three great options we recommend.