Fantastik Stranda, breathless impressed

Wanderguide by

kurt moeyersons

Fantastik Stranda, breathless impressed

... you'll see... this region has it all to fulfill your ultimate dreams of the outdoor adventure..

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Image - Hiking in Norway01
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Hiking to Storhornet on Godøya
kurt:....awesome breathtaking view is waiting on you..
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My Recommendations

Image - Uteguiden Activity Centre Stranda
Uteguiden Activity Centre Stranda
kurt:...looking for the perfect guide... and adventure..
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Image - Stranda Hotel
Stranda Hotel
kurt:... cosy place to stay..
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Image - Geirangerfjord
kurt:.... Looking for that perfect view...
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Wanderguide map

  1. Snowshoe hike - Lievarden
  2. Snowshoe Hike - Stranda resort
  3. Hiking Mt Saksa
  4. Fjord Kayaking Hellesylt
  5. Fjord Panorama Restaurant
  6. Brasserie Posten
  7. Friaren Bistro
  8. Grande Fjord Hotel
  9. Hiking to Storhornet on Godøya
  10. Uteguiden Activity Centre Stranda
  11. Stranda Hotel
  12. Strandafjellet Skisenter
  13. Troll And Waterfall Path Crossing Troll Road (Trollstigen)
  14. Geiranger Camping
  15. Geiranger And Glaciers
  16. Geirangerfjord

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