Dubrovnik City Walls Sunset Walk

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This tour will take you across the city walls of Dubrovnik, showing you in-depth how this massive medieval defence structure has stood the test of time, and help its adjoining city of Dubrovnik do the same. A must see for history buffs!

What to Expect

We will begin this tour by meeting in front of the old city walls of Dubrovnik, which were considered to be some of the best defence systems in the medieval era. These walls served as protection from all sorts of threats, conquerors, foreign armies, pirates, etc, and helped the city of Dubrovnik grow in wealth and status. These city walls are considered to be one of the best preserve medieval monuments in the world, today serving as an image of Dubrovnik’s perseverance.

The tour will take you to these very walls, which span a total of 2 km around the city, and also offer a breathtaking view. From the walls we enjoy the view of Dubrovnik’s unique terracotta rooftops and the Adriatic sea, which spans as far as the eye can see. From this view one can see exactly why Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What’s Included?

-Local Tour Guide.

-Sightseeing of Dubrovnik city walls.

-Entrance fee for city wall ramparts.

-In-depth tour and information on the history and importance of the city walls.

Is this experience for me?

This tour is heavily walking oriented, as such it is not recommended for those who have mobility issues.

What do I need to bring?

-Food is optional to bring, though unnecessary, there are many places to purchase food in Dubrovnik.

-Comfortable footwear for exploring Dubrovnik.

-Wear season appropriate clothing.

Additional information

Languages: English, Croatian.

Cancelation policy: this tour company does not have a specific cancelation policy. It is recommended to ask during booking.

Quality Assurance: Travelade only works with selected local partners we trust to provide high quality service.

The experience

Dubrovnik City Walls Sunset Walk