Brighton with Guðrún

Wanderguide by

Guðrún Magnúsdóttir

Brighton with Guðrún

Been to Brighton two times and both were amazing. I'm going there again in February 2019 and can't wait!


I love food and in my opinion, one of the best things about travelling is trying new food and restaurants

Image - VIP Pizza Brighton
VIP Pizza Brighton
Guðrún:Seriously the most delicious pizza I've ever had. The service isn't the best though, but it is worth the wait!
Image - Touro Brazilian Steakhouse
Touro Brazilian Steakhouse
Guðrún:Waiters walk around the place with meat and seafood and you can have as much as you want. I know! Heaven!
Image - China Garden
China Garden
Guðrún:Went there with a group of friends and we ordered a group menu, lots of delicious food came to the table and we were SO full!
Image - Dos Sombreros
Dos Sombreros
Guðrún:Mexican food. Please ask to wear a sombrero while eating. It makes everything better :)
Image - Al Duomo Italian Restaurant Brighton
Al Duomo Italian Restaurant Brighton
Guðrún:Went there in the summer and sat outside, beautiful view and DELICIOUS pizza!!
Image - Jamie's Italian Brighton
Jamie's Italian Brighton
Guðrún:I've heard good things about this place and I'm definitely going there when I'll visit Brighton again!
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When mama goes on a vacation, she goes straight to the bar!

Image - Molly Malones - Indigo Pub Company
Molly Malones - Indigo Pub Company
Guðrún:Live music and a great atmosphere. Try the coctails on the lower ground floor!
Image - Pitcher and Piano
Pitcher and Piano
Guðrún:Delicious coctails and a huge dancefloor!
Image - Black Lion
Black Lion
Guðrún:There was a band playing when I was there and it surely was a great time!
Image - The Mesmerist
The Mesmerist
Guðrún:Good coctails and live music!
Image - The Western
The Western
Guðrún:A great pit stop on your way to Churchill shopping centre! Always a good idea to have a cold one before shopping!

Interesting stuff!

Various places and other stuff I find interesting!

Image - Royal Pavilion
Royal Pavilion
Guðrún:Amazing building and gardens surrounding it. Interesting history as well!
Image - Brighton Palace Pier
Brighton Palace Pier
Guðrún:Amusement and snacks! I recommend walking along the seaside also! Lots of bars and restaurants there.
Image - The Lanes
The Lanes
Guðrún:Almost like a maze of small streets. A lot of shops, restaurants and pubs. Don't be afraid to get lost there!
Image - Churchill Square Shopping Centre
Churchill Square Shopping Centre
Guðrún:A shopping centre. Shops. Boutiques. Stores. You get the picture!