Best of Barcelona

Wanderguide by

Hlöðver Thor Árnason

Best of Barcelona

Barcelona is my favorite city. Of all the cities I have traveled to and lived in it is the most unique and amazing place of them all.

🌇 My favorite places in Barcelona

All of these are places that I have been to numerous times and simply don't get bored of!

Image - La Sagrada Familia
La Sagrada Familia
Hlöðver:Truly a unique experience. Inside and out. Get your tickets in time.
Image - Montjuïc
Hlöðver:There are really nice park areas here and you can look at the Olympic grounds.
Image - The Magic Fountain
The Magic Fountain
Hlöðver:Thursdays through Sundays there are shows combining music, water and lights. Well worth it to be there in time.
Image - Tibidabo
Hlöðver:Amazing view from the top over all of Barcelona. Really fun to bring a bike to the top and ride down.
Image - Park Güell
Park Güell
Hlöðver:Walking around in Park Guell is really amazing. Make sure to dedicate at least 3 hours. Perfect for bringing some picnic snacks.
Image - Arco de Triunfo de Barcelona
Arco de Triunfo de Barcelona
Hlöðver:Located next to Parc de la Ciutadella makes it a really nice place to walk around. Close to El Born neighborhood.
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💃 Tapas and more

My favorite tapas place is in fact a whole street, Carrer de Blai. You should go there and walk between places, tasting different courses and pairing it with good wine!

Image - Blai 9
Blai 9
Hlöðver:A good start for the golden mile of tapas
Image - La Tasqueta de Blai
La Tasqueta de Blai
Hlöðver:A must stop for the tapas lovers.
Image - Taberna Blai Tonight
Taberna Blai Tonight
Hlöðver:More tapas!
Image - L'Atelier de Blai
L'Atelier de Blai
Hlöðver:Just in case you are still hungry..,
Image - La Taberna Gallega de Marcos Barcelona
La Taberna Gallega de Marcos Barcelona
Hlöðver:Exception to the Tapas list. Go here for the amazing Paella!

🍺 ¡Salud! / Cheers

Image - La Xampanyeria
La Xampanyeria
Hlöðver:Great Cava and unique athmosphere. It is a place sought by locals. A centrally located hidden gem.
Image - Eclipse
Hlöðver:Have an expensive cocktail, the view that comes with the 🍸 makes it all worth it!
Image - Numero Nueve
Numero Nueve
Hlöðver:A fun bar in El born. The whole street is full of interesting bars. Get there early if you want to go in!
Image - Flaherty´s Irish Pub Barcelona
Flaherty´s Irish Pub Barcelona
Hlöðver:If you have to see a game this is the place!
Image - Razzmatazz
Hlöðver:If you happen to go all in you might very well end up in here. It has multiple halls with different music.
Image - Opium Barcelona-Restaurant, Lounge, Club
Opium Barcelona-Restaurant, Lounge, Club
Hlöðver:A club at the Barceloneta beach. The entire beach is full of people night and day. Partying. Mixed group of people, locals and visitors.