Best Burger Places in Berlin

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Best Burger Places in Berlin

Best places to not miss as a burger-lover in Berlin

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My Recommendations

Image - Shiso Burger
Shiso Burger
Anais:My absolute favorite burger place in Berlin. The burgers are in Japanese style and I swear you#ll never find a greater burger. (side tipp: if you're really hungry go for the double portion)
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Image - Kreuzburger
Anais:An amazing place if you want a quick and delicious burger.
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Image - Burgeramt
Anais:A very cool burger place with amazing choices in the area close to the east side gallery.
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Image - Burgermeister
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Image - An einem Sonntag im August
An einem Sonntag im August
Anais:Beautiful store! Always worth the visit.
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Image - The Bird
The Bird
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Image - Peter Pane
Peter Pane
Anais:A great burger chain! Try to get a meal deal and try their so called 'Durstlöscher', they are amazing,
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Wanderguide map

  1. Shiso Burger
  2. Kreuzburger
  3. Burgeramt
  4. Burgermeister
  5. Tommi's Burger Joint
  6. An einem Sonntag im August
  7. The Bird
  8. Schiller Burger
  9. Peter Pane
  10. Revolver Burger

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