Beautiful Ålesund, pearl of the North

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kurt moeyersons

Beautiful Ålesund, pearl of the North

.... If you like taking pictures...awesome views of art nouveau houses, fjords, landscapes ...with a "flavor of adventure".....all this is yours

Ålesund - Summer Adventures

Experience this art nouveau town and its majestic surroundings by hiking, biking, kayaking -- or a combination of them all.

Image - Photo Uteguiden02
$ 135
Fjord Kayaking Hellesylt
kurt:....if you love physical activity in an unusual format....safely and guided...the pleasure is yours. We where overwhelmed by the hight of the mountains in the fjord and the boats passing by.
Image - Uteguiden Sukkertoppen Hike
$ 80
Hike Sukkertoppen
kurt:From the centre of Ålesund, by kayak, we went to the fjord, crossed the fairway and turned to the other side of the land end and landed at the border of the primary school. We crossed the road above the school and followed the Sukkertoppvegen westwards until we found the sign where the path starts (right to Nr 22). The path is gravelled in the beginning, passes a grove and then the path is clearly visible all the way to the top. Past half the way you're passing the transmitter mast. And unforgettable view expects you ...360°...WAW !
Image - Mt saksa01
$ 117
Hiking Mt Saksa
kurt:...on your "Alesund - hiking bucketlist" certainly this one must be checked out! ...just continue enjoying the fjord views....We loved it.
Image - Hiking in Norway01
$ 145
Hiking to Storhornet on Godøya
kurt:....we went to the island by car through the different tunnels under the fjord. These tunnels connects the different islands. Before starting the hike we visited the timber lighthouse ...and then to the top. In almost the middle of our hike we passed a beautiful lake. The view at the top was miraculous. Back down...we went to the sea for a pheeric swim ...see above....
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Ålesund - What the travelers say

Travel blogs to get your psyched for your visit to Ålesund!

Image - Arrival In Alesund, Norway – The Start Of Our Norwegian Road Trip!
Arrival In Alesund, Norway – The Start Of Our Norwegian Road Trip!
Image - 16 things to do in Ålesudn, Norway – The most beautiful fjord city
16 things to do in Ålesund, Norway – The most beautiful fjord city
kurt:...YES...there is a lot to do...."top of the bill" is the hike to'll see....
Image - Alesund
Ålesund: the Norwegian Venice
Image - Charmed by Ålesund
Charmed by Ålesund
Image - All You Need to Know About Alesund
All You Need to Know About Alesund
Image - Egon Ålesund
Egon Ålesund
kurt:...when hungry...most of the time we headed to this very charming place, with good food and fine service. Enjoy your meal!
Image - Alesund
Ålesund and All Its Charm
kurt:...the thing is that you can visit all places by foot. Walk to the charming harbour, the art nouveau centre of the town, the church, the old pharmacie or take the stone stairs to the higher level of Mt. Aklacould which enables you to reach a fantastic viewpoint for taking photos over the seaport. Certainly when it gets dark...just before sunset's awesome!!!!!