Backpacking around Argentina

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Ingþór Birkir Árnason

Backpacking around Argentina

After going through Bolivia, Argentina was a warm welcome. It´s probably the most western civilized country in South America. The people there are really amazing as well. Will definitely be going back there some day!

See and do

When I went there in 2014 there were so many things to do and see. When visiting Buenos Aires I recommend going to the city bikes rental places and just bike around the city.

Image - Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls
Ingþór:We decided to go to the Iguazu fall from Argentina after a recommendation instead of from the Brazil side.
Image - Salta
Ingþór:Really cool place to stop and relax.
Image - Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
Ingþór:The one must place to go to in Argentina! It offers so much and it´s the place I want to go back to one day.
Image - Obelisco
Ingþór:If you go to the biggest street in Buenos Aires it´s hard to miss this!
Image - La Boca
La Boca
Ingþór:This neighborhood is filled with life almost every day and is one of the most famous ones in South America
Image - Caminito
Ingþór:The most famous house in the La Boca neighborhood!
Image - Puente De La Mujer
Puente De La Mujer
Ingþór:Really amazing bridge in central Buenos Aires. Recommend renting a bike and going there.
Image - Luna Park
Luna Park
Ingþór:If you want to check out a concert this is the place. We went to a Enrique Iglesias concerts which was really cool!
Image - Córdoba
Ingþór:Very chilled and amazing city. Recommend stopping there for a few days!
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If there is one must thing to do in Argentina it´s to get a steak and some red wine! Just beware that asking for sauce is like an insult to the cook!

Image - Iceland Helados
Iceland Helados
Ingþór:If you are in Argentina this is the ice cream shop to go to!
Image - Naipi Apart
Naipi Apart