Athens the capital of democracy

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Rita Meli

Athens the capital of democracy

Fine weather, healthy food, ouzo, friendly people, clear blue beaches, bouzouki, sirtaki dance, gods and godesses alive And kicking

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Athens - What to expect

Expect the unexpected Frappe coffee With lots of ice. Souvkaki With pita on the go. Ouzo or tsipouro, along With mezedes. The best hand made ice cream, in my town Monuments and museums to go And see. Nightlife, greek or mainstream.

Image - 42 Interesting Facts About The City Of Athens
42 Interesting Facts About The City Of Athens
Rita:Open minded people, coexist in difficult times. Thank God we have the most beautiful weather, in the world, so we feel And look still at our bests.
Image - 31 Facts about Greek Mythology
31 Facts about Greek Mythology
Rita:Zeus, the father of Gods, had terrible headaques. One day he begged his son Ifestos to hit him hard on the head With a Hammer. Once he hit him, his head opened and a woman warrior, came out, his daughter Athena. She became protector of the city, the city of Athens.
Image - Aegli Zappiou
Aegli Zappiou
Image - Grecotel Cape Sounio
Grecotel Cape Sounio
Rita:The most breathtaking sunset ever, super hotel, in a sacred place.
Image - Bolivar Beach Bar
Bolivar Beach Bar
Rita:Next to the beach, with guest djs, heaven all around
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  1. Spondi Restaurant
  2. Aegli Zappiou
  3. Grecotel Cape Sounio
  4. Bolivar Beach Bar

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