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How to get to or from the airport

You have several choices to get to and from Keflavík Airport. Airport Direct is only 3 minutes walk from Alba Guesthouse.

Image - Economy - Keflavík Airport To Reykjavík Terminal_71111
$ 29
Airport Transfer - Keflavík Airport To Reykjavík Terminal
Þorsteinn:Close to Alba Guesthouse, takes you 3 minutes to walk. They also offer pic up and drop of at our Guesthouse.
Image - Flybus Plus: From Hotel to Airport_30728
$ 39
Flybus Plus: From Hotel to Airport
Þorsteinn:BSÍ Bus Terminal is 20 minutes walk from Alba Guesthouse.
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Day tours from Reykjavik

Find the biggest adventures in the shortest amount of time!

Image - Golden Circle Classic: Guided in 10 Languages_33078
$ 70
Golden Circle Classic: Guided in 10 Languages
Þorsteinn:The Golden Circle is a must do if you only have a short stop in Iceland.
Image - Transfer Blue Lagoon - Reykjavík _186597
$ 29
Transfer Blue Lagoon - Reykjavík
Þorsteinn:Transfer only. You must reserve tickets to the Blue Lagoon, it's a very busy and popular place.


Image - Café Loki
Café Loki
Þorsteinn:At Café Loki you can taste all kinds of traditional Icelandic food. Located in front of Hallgrímskirkja.
Image - Íslenski barinn
Íslenski barinn
Þorsteinn:The Icelandic Bar, where they serve Icelandic lamb the traditional way. One of our favorites.
Image - Perlan Restaurant
Perlan Restaurant
Þorsteinn:20 minutes walk from Alba Guesthouse. If you want to treat your self with a good dinner in a very spectacular environment.
Image - Roadhouse Reykjavík
Roadhouse Reykjavík
Þorsteinn:Ten minutes walk from Alba Guesthouse. Good Burgers.
Image - Hlemmur Mathöll
Hlemmur Mathöll
Þorsteinn:Many different restaurants under one roof. 15 minutes walk from Alba Guesthouse. We recommend it.
Image - Gló
Þorsteinn:A great choice for vegans and vegetarians, but they also serve chicken. Located in Laugavegur, the main shopping street. We love it.
Image - Messinn Granda
Messinn Granda
Þorsteinn:Fresh fish. Very fair price. Harbour vew. We love it.
Image - Mai Thai Market and Bistro
Mai Thai Market and Bistro
Þorsteinn:The real thing in Thai Food. Very fair price. One of our favorites. 12 min. walk.
Image - Himalayan Spice
Himalayan Spice
Þorsteinn:Ever tried Nepalese food? Fine cooking and good atmosphere when you want to treat yourself with more than average meal. We recommend it.

Grocery Stores and more

Image - Bónus
Þorsteinn:If you don't want to spend a lot of money on your food, Bónus is the place to go.
Image - Vínbúðin
Þorsteinn:In Iceland you can only buy your vine and spirits, including beer, at the special Government own stores called Vínbúðin. The smart thing to do is buy it at the Duty Free Store at the airport on your way in to the country.
Image - Kringlan
Þorsteinn:Shopping Mall, twenty minutes walk from Alba Guesthouse. Here you have grocery stores, movie theater, coffee shops, restaurants and a selection of fine shops.
Image - Farmasía
Þorsteinn:The local pharmacy.
Image - Travelade Image
Þorsteinn:If you need to see a doctor in Iceland, this is your place to go.
Image - Safetravel - The official source for safe adventure in Iceland
Safetravel - The official source for safe adventure in Iceland

Swimming pools

Don't leave Iceland without trying one or two of our Swimming Pools. Like nothing you have experienced before.

Image - Sundhöll Reykjavíkur
Sundhöll Reykjavíkur
Þorsteinn:The oldest swimming pool in Reykjavík. New out door pool recently added. 15 minutes walk from Alba Guesthouse.

Traveling around Iceland?

Image - Mývatn
Þorsteinn:Lake Mývatn is a beautiful little pearl in the north east of Iceland. Don't miss it!
Image - Dalvik
Þorsteinn:Don't miss Dalvík on your way from Reykjavík to Akureyri. A beautiful small town in the north.

Wanderguide map

  1. Premium Airport Transfer - Keflavik To Reykjavík
  2. Airport Transfer - Reykjavík Terminal To Keflavík Airport
  3. Golden Circle with Secret Lagoon Tour
  4. Reykjavík Classic Whale Watching
  5. Transfer Blue Lagoon - Reykjavík
  6. Golden Circle And Glacier
  7. Café Loki
  8. Íslenski barinn
  9. Perlan Restaurant
  10. Roadhouse Reykjavík
  11. Hlemmur Mathöll
  12. Gló
  13. Messinn Granda
  14. Mai Thai Market and Bistro
  15. Himalayan Spice
  16. Bónus
  17. Vínbúðin
  18. Kringlan
  19. Farmasía
  20. Læknavaktin
  21. Sundhöll Reykjavíkur
  22. Laugardalslaug
  23. Mývatn
  24. Dalvik

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